!! OMG, he’s naked: Fashion Model Jeff Tomsik !!

Hailing from LaGrange, Ohio, model Jeff Tomsik literally became known as the “garbage man-turned model” when he hit it big in the fashion industry! He’s can touch THIS trash anytime he likes! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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28 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fashion Model Jeff Tomsik"

  1. A lot of models do nothing for me but this guy definitely does. Very hot.

  2. He is stunning, but damn buddy, before you allow a photographer to capture you naked, call in a fluffer! Have a buddy man handle your willy and give him some length before picture day!

  3. Now that is beautiful. I usually don’t care for uncut dick, but DAMN does he look delicious. Perfect face, body and junk. YUMMMMM

  4. I guess there are some great things that come out off Ohio huh? Beautiful man and cock!


  6. He looks twice (probably three times) as hot with his hair cut really short.

  7. He is really good looking and sexy!

  8. Damn, guys a need to check out the garbage men a little closer. And I thought perfect wasn’t a word? LOL

  9. I’m proud to say he’s from Ohio damn he’s hot

  10. Beautiful Guy

  11. Walter M. Phillips | January 25, 2018 at 12:52 am | Reply

    He is very nice looking , I am not a size queen and I would do him any day.

  12. Hot guy, ugly circ

  13. File this under: More old shit from 10 years ago. btw you forgot the one where he’s jerking and shooting on webcam

  14. He can pick my garbage anytime .

  15. Stop model shaming! We can’t all be ugly.

  16. Hot-hot-hot

  17. Wow he’s stunning like him with the shorter hair but yeah he’s super hot! Beautiful face and a body made for sin 😉

  18. what a beautiful tiny boycock! i love it!

  19. So manly! Perfect body and dick.

  20. Not to diminish Jeff’s great beauty but he’s been doin’ naked for eight years now and it really hasn’t gotten him anywhere. Maybe it’s time to say yes to the next gentlemen who asks.

  21. “I feel like I am looking in a mirror!” – Danny Di Vito to Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Twins”…

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