!! OMG, it’s called Fashion. Look it up: Marni Fall 2018 men’s collection !!

Marni Fall 2018 men's
You know that dream where you’re wandering around in your grandpa’s plaid wool housecoat in the ravine at the back of your parents house? You pad through a soggy creek in the mist picking up an old baby binky here and a hardened gummy bear there and your feet are somehow dry because you’re wearing plastic bags under your Tevas and you wake up only to realize you’ve been on the Marni Fall 2018 Menswear runway all along? This is very that.

Marni Fall 2018 men's

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Designer Francesco Risso may have been plumbing the depths of his own dimly remembered scratchy wool hand-me-down childhood to create his fall collection but the effect here is highly tangible, manifesting in a wardrobe of chore coat suits that vibrate with wild pattern, slippery zip-up nylon coveralls as purple as a nurple and bunny-glyph branded patchwork puffers floating over brightly coloured wide-legged work pants bubbling with volume.

Marni Fall 2018 men's

This basement circus of looks is finished off with squeaky galoshes, deep pile shearling rimmed lace-ups and chunky sneakers that fall somewhere between charming naiveté and just for babies.

Risso creates a literal “no shit Sherlock” moment by topping a bouclé plaid suit strewn with iron-on beakers, wind up toy keys and crude crystal shapes (courtesy of artist Frank Navin) with a fuzzy houndstooth deer stalker cap. This is some trippy shit, material evidence of what takes shape when you let your subconscious dress you.

Will this deep dream-state wardrobe of a rumpled hobo-clown that dances with primate prints and finger-painted squirrel appliqués get you laid? (Because face it, whatever the answer, it’s a question we are always asking of our clothes) Probably not. On the other hand, you never know who will be transfixed by your surreal display.

Marni Fall 2018 men's finale look

Whether you lay down for the full Marni or DIY it with a bundle of thrifted goodies, your eye-singing stripes and shrunken knitted waistcoats could capture the attention of maybe an art kid thirsty for inspiration, or a camp-stove cutie with a nylon fetish, a Sedaris, or perhaps even a very fine frottager who’s nostalgic for humping the helicopter print on his childhood bedroom’s sheet set. Either way, you’re ready for the full bounty that fall 2018 is sure to bring.

– Review by Nug Judy (@bahteepolitic)

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10 Comments on "OMG, it’s called Fashion. Look it up: Marni Fall 2018 men’s collection"

  1. The Street People Spring 2018

  2. I dunno…I kinda like the monkey jacket…

  3. Wow! Love it…great attire for shopping at Walmart.

  4. They look like a bunch of typical fucking moron beta males.

  5. Walter M. Phillips | January 25, 2018 at 12:46 am | Reply

    And I thought that bullshit only happens on farms .

  6. Steve Thompson | January 24, 2018 at 4:17 pm | Reply

    And people who think they are rich and famous and know all will sit there and applaud and talk about how wonderful the clothes are. Idiots

  7. Finally! Evil clown couture.

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