28 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Swiss actor Nicolas Bachmann in movie ‘Heimatland’"

  1. Interesting that actors who claim to be so liberal about nudity seem to want the scenes so dark they can’t be seen

    • Nonsense. Is this actor’s opinion about nudity on record? Actors don’t decide what a scene looks like, directors do. You have an ax to grind.

  2. The version on Amazon does not have the frontal…

  3. Why are pics always so dark that you can’t see a thing?

  4. what a big handle to turn him around and enjoy that bottom.

  5. Richard Vestal | November 16, 2018 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    Photos too dark for my liking, for all I know it might be ugly so someone darkened the pics.

  6. Mein Gott Im Himmel… That should be big enough to satisfy Shannon!

  7. Wunderbar….. that is some bratwurst

  8. WHAT AM I SEEING?????

  9. Ok he’s good.

  10. MMMM Nice big German wurst to suck on mmmmmmmm!

  11. Hot hot hot very hot and sexy

  12. Mein Lieber Herr!!

  13. Every time I see a penis on this site I feel like I’m missing out completely on the human experience. Damn it’s like I don’t even have a penis compared to these guys. Mine is not floppy like that at all.

  14. Someone did a bit of fluffing before the cameras rolled.

  15. Fuuuuuuuck. This is hot.

  16. Nicolas Bachmann is not German, he is Swiss!

  17. nice schwanz

  18. Wow Nicolas is very hot and sexy

  19. Will someone please turn on the lights????

  20. Keep your hog away from the stove, buddy!

  21. Yes yes yes he is nice!!!

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