!! OMG, WATCH: Kansas official tells black woman he belongs to the ‘master race’ !!

A Leavenworth, Kansas County Commissioner is being called disgusting (and racist) for the remarks he made during a public commissioner meeting about being part of the “master race.” KCTV reports:

‘His remarks were directed to an African American woman at a public commissioner meeting. Commissioner Louis Klemp told the woman, “I don’t want to think I’m picking on you because we’re part of the master race, OK.” Klemp is a white man that was not elected but rather appointed to his seat by the Republican committee. Some are calling his comments “insensitive” and “racist”. “You know you got a gap in your teeth, you’re the master race,” Klemp said. “Don’t ever forget that.” The woman who asked to not be a part of the story, was at the meeting to present on behalf of a landscape and architectural firm.’

Check out the video report above. Thoughts? WTF is going on in Amurrrica?

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Kansas official tells black woman he belongs to the ‘master race’"

  1. His comment was not intended as racist. He was saying that he shared something in common with her, they both have a gap in their front teeth, and because of that they were both members of a master race. I’m guessing he wasn’t serious about that last part.

  2. If you listen to the recording you will understand that the Commissioner was making a (bad) joke. He was observing that both he and the woman had a prominent gap between their front teeth. And that this gap, they both had, marked them both as part of the master race. Ok, bad or tasteless joke. But I do believe if Monty Python or Saturday Night Live had done the same the parody behind the notion would have been obvious. I think we have too many people looking for something, anything, to get worked up over.

  3. I think that the brush over comment “This is disgusting, but,”…. Is what’s wrong with America. There is always this notion needed to “pass the buck”, to “point the finger right back”, and to (my personal favorite) DEFLECT – when racism is brought up in ANY medium INCLUDING THIS ONE. I’d like to first applaud this site for covering this subject INSTEAD OF deflecting with the next dick pic as if we don’t need to deal with the issue of racism in this country. I personally don’t live in the UK and I don’t appreciate the constant need to get defensive or retreat when white people are called on their racism. White people make the comments about their race being dominant or other races being inferior or less than their ESPECIALLY in the gay community. There is also so much ignorance from whites about Racism and the definition. Especially with this term “reverse racism” there is NO SUCH THING. Racism is a predicated on the notion of power – if you as a RACE do NOT have the power to SYSTEMATICALLY DENY people ACCESS to life, liberty, to control over their own resources, to proper education, etc. THEN you as that race (Black, Asian, Latino) cannot be called a racist because their is no way to benefit from THAT SYSTEM and use SAID SYSTEM to control other races. Until WHITE people dismantle that system — its not enough to make a blanket statement about other countries being “racist and fucked” and then demand that the site “show me the next dick pic” THATS the issue with this country and the people in it

  4. Yes but then there would be no clickbait.

  5. WHAT a stupid buffoon he is, to use a comment like that period! That’s a political statement from 1930’s Germany, when the Nazi’s thought they were better than anyone else in the world! Some Germans still think that way today too!

  6. This is disgusting but to be fair wtf is going on in the UK??? I hate how some ppl from other countries get all high and mighty about the US being so fucked up when their own country is just as racist and fucked. Btw what does this story have to do with naked dudes which is what your blog is supposed to be about??

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