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  1. Lmao oh this is rich, people are now complaining that there needs to be a quota in terms of the color of the dicks posted LOL. Are you guys forreal right now? You can’t even go on any mainstream pornsite like Xhamster, Pornhub or Xvideos without seeing black content disproportionately on the sites. Get the hell out of here with such nonsense. That’s like African Americans moaning about representation when they represent the majority of the top 100 billboard artist and sports to the point of being disproportionately portrayed in these fields despite only being 13% of the population. What do you want? 90% representation?

    Why are there more whites? Idunno maybe because there’s more developed Western nations who all have access to Iphones and internet vs Africa. The internet is full of content of all races, shut up with this quota stuff already. Furthermore it’s not white peoples fault that people are attracted to them. I’m Brazilian, and even in my own country which is about as diverse as the United State the majority of our top models and actors are usually 100% Europeans, mainly Portuguese and Italians. Because that’s what our people like to look at.

  2. OMG, I’m impressed or least I want to be pressed and pounded. Dude has a rock hard… you get what I’m saying. Beautiful really.

  3. My mouth is watery just looking at it. I would take all of that full force. I am a black guy that love all races and all meat. Bring it on as I love a good pounding.

  4. GODDAMN!!…….

  5. Enough with the stupid racist comments. How can the site post more diverse pics – they post what has been seen in films and leaked. They cannot make more ethnic guys leak their pics or go full frontal in movies etc. You can’t blame them for only showing what is out there. You act like they are hiring models and posting those on the site – they are limited to what they can post by films/leaks. Get a frickin clue already. Sit down.

  6. Holy shit, I’d love to play with that til it explodes!

  7. DearJebus! Fucking Gorgeous

  8. JESUS CHRIST, y’all? I…couldn’t…I’d be so afraid. I’d need a wheelchair and some crutches.

  9. Wow…wow…wow….that’s a beautiful huge Cawk!!’n

  10. I will suck and fuck the he’ll out of him he got a long dick

  11. Completely agree with you, F. Except for the “nationality” part. I think you meant ethnicity.

  12. He’s quite handsome but otherwise… nahh.

  13. That thing could do some damage. Should call it Lucille!!

  14. He’s gorgeous. Dang!

  15. I’m on all fours with my cheeks parted

  16. A Bottom Choking Down Everything | December 8, 2017 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Zaaaaaaaaaamn zaddy!

  17. Hum. You don’t usually feature brothers in here. He’s super hot. Try being less racist and post more of the same.

    • Silly comment. I’ve seen plenty of darker skinned guys been featured on this site before. Don’t make something out of nothing! Don’t create a race issue when there’s nothing there. The other day there was a south Asian guy. I think this site shows what it can of celebrities who show their junk no matter what their nationality is.

      • joe’s comment is NOT silly. this site rarely features black, asian, or dark skinned nudies and that’s a fact. it DOES need more diversity. stop showing white male fragility. that’s totally annoying.

        • Yeah… Nothing like asian fragility isn’t it ?

          Anyway, I’ve seen plenty of darker skinned guys been featured on this site before too.
          Using the “racist card” is so absurd…

          And enough with the diversity obligations… What after ? Not enough Russians ? Not enough Vietnamese ? Not enough dwarf ? Not enough 1 legged men ?

        • Not everything is about race.

        • The CANDY category section of this website has guys from all around the world and its mostly famous guys that show their junk in a film or have had their private pics leaked. This latest batch of photos of an Instagram star are great, as were the Milan Christopher nudes (which I loved) and the time Lenny Kravitz’s peen popped out of his leather pants during a live performance (which was funny). These examples are all recent images of famous men of colour.

          I’ve always thought this website showed what’s new in celebrity/D-list celebrity leaks. Unfortunately there’s a lack of nudes of men of colour but that is a general problem in society. It is not the website. Me pointing this out does not make me fragile. I just believe if your going to accuse something as racist it truly has to be racist. Racism needs to be called out but how and when it’s called out also needs to be considered.

          I do agree that we need more diversity. That we can agree on. However, I have to respectfully disagree that this website is racist. In the meantime, let’s look at a relevant post from April this year, which perhaps gets closer to the root of the problem.


      • Gay media has a race problem and always will because of people like you. So many sites show 99% white men and black, Asian, etc male celebrities are rarely appreciated on much of the gay media sites.

    • Nurse. Joe needs some help with how this website works. Your comment is stupid and akin to someone being angry that a pizza place doesn’t sell french fries – they work with what they got – kinda like you… not your fault reasoning is not your forte – you are only working with what God gave ya.

    • lol I wonder if the people constantly complaining about representing other races ever practice what they preach. The truth of the matter is. There are more whites because that’s what even YOU want. Even when it comes to mixed countries, people always choose the whitest of the white as their examples of beauty. Look at nations like Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and others of South America. The people they always choose to represent their beauty are always straight Southern European descedants and not the mixed population or the Amerindian population. Stop guilting white people for this global preference standard that is shared even by brown groups. Top tumblrs, top gay sites, top blogsites are majority whites. Stop guilting people for their preference. You cannot control what gets other people off.

      Take me for example i’m mixed (black/asian)but have a strong preference for whites mainly due to features, diversity in hair and eye colors. Taller height, More leg hair than black guys typically have. Whatta ya gonna do? tell me not to be turned on by white guys? You cannot force people to be sexually attracted to something. Can you force a gay man to be attracted to pussy?

      • The media has a monopoly on public visibility. Encouraging more exposure of all races to helps create a more diverse society. We become more comfortable and begin to desire what we’ve been exposed to.

        It’s okay for people to request color. That’s how change “organically” occurs,

  18. Damn. Hot as fuck.

  19. Tony the Tiger | December 8, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    DAMN!! I want a piece of that chocolate bark!

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