!! OMG, he’s naked: Jan Sokolowsky of nude reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva’ !!

Contestant Jan Sokolowsky of nude reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva’ shows out his ink. If you’re a fan of tattoos, then he’s the dude for you after the NSFW jump!


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48 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jan Sokolowsky of nude reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva’"

  1. The woman has got to GO – Just Men

  2. Leave the guy alone. His handsome, has a great smile and I’m sure his personality is amazing too. Give him credit, for having the balls to be naked, not all of us can do it. I’m my eyes, he’s perfect!!

  3. Who’s the guy on the right in the first photo?

  4. This is what insecurity looks like.

  5. How nice of him to donate his body to the tattoo training school.

  6. Cute face, but OUCH! I cannot look at the rest of him! DIVERT THE EYES!! DIVERT THE EYES!!!

    I understand that you should not be drunk when you get a tattoo, but should you not also make sure the guy holding the ink gun isn’t 4 sheets to the wind?

  7. Are u all going to stop putting up nude pics

  8. All he needs now is my mouth all over him. I am in Alexandria Virginia, come get me babe

  9. Looks like an inkwell exploded all over him. Pass

  10. He’s sooooo perfect for me. Love the tats, gorgeous face, bet he’s a grower too. Ughhh I need him in my life!

  11. He’s sooooo gorgeous. The tattoos are a turn on for me, shows he can take pain and he doesn’t give a fuck what others think about how he should look. He’s gorgeous, this is one of my faves I’ve seen on this site! Bet his dick gets big too

  12. Why shave everything.. I don’t get it

  13. his tattoo makes him look dangerous and his dick makes him look safe
    nice balance! i wanna bang him

  14. His tattoos make him really ugly

  15. … and I’m sure all the size queens making comments here have huge dongs to show for it.


  16. YUK! As much as I love to suck cock, I wouldn’t suck his! With all those tattoos YUK!
    He just looks dirty like he needs to bathe!

  17. He’s not bad looking with a nice dick, but those tattoos are just hideous–they’re so distracting that they take away all his positive points

  18. Looks like he could have been a good looking guy!

  19. All that ink. In 50 years we‘ll have the ugliest old folks in history!

  20. sorry. those tattoos are just…skanky

  21. He’s quite cute looking, but the excessive tattoos are repulsive… just about the worst I’ve ever seen.

  22. Hot ass, but where’s the cock? i’d screw him.

  23. I’m not entirely sure he was naked.

  24. He just looks like he stinks.

  25. He looks like a neglected painting palette.

  26. I mean he’s clearly a decent looking guy, and his dick doesn’t seem tiny to me. I think people are just not fans of tattoos so they trash the rest of him.

  27. A “big” NOTHING,,,,,except for too many tattoos….a turn off

  28. Maybe he’s a grower

  29. elsayed ismail | December 3, 2018 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    i love to watch naked people in the picture. this gay has nice tattoo and nice butt,he is sexy and hot

  30. Lol. All the petty faceless internet trolls FROTHING at the mouth. #yawn#nothanks#next

  31. He sure is confident showing off that little pecker, I would never get naked.

  32. Super cute. Nice smile

  33. WTF??!! This hideous human carcass is a total hot mess. And no free samples…PUH-LEEZE!

  34. Somebody used about two dozen ugly sticks on him then went and got two dozen more and wore them out him.

  35. All the. Ink does absolutely nothing to enhance his rather average endowment.

  36. Hello-

    regardless of how naturally hot a guy might be full body tattoos are
    a HUGE TURN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. some people go too far with the Tat’s I don’t mind tat’s but that’s just gross I guess he is compensating for the small dick

  38. That’s got to be one of the most unattractive and unappealing men I’ve ever seen. Sorry, not interested.

  39. There’s literally nothing to see here, folks

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