!! OMG, he’s naked: Model and Insta-Famous Personal Trainer Nick Sandell !!

Model and Insta-Famous personal trainer Nick Sandell is worshipped by thousands online, and an Observer article chronicles the kind of strange photo requests and “training sessions” the stud receives on a daily basis. One fan offered Nick $5,000 for one nude photo, which he didn’t accept, but it looks like Nick has posed in the buff, as evidenced by the artful nudes after the NSFW jump.

UPDATE: We have removed the images upon request. You can see much more of Nick on his OnlyFans. And check out our 8 tips for starting your own OnlyFans.

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70 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Model and Insta-Famous Personal Trainer Nick Sandell"

  1. tnow you have caught my interest. i wanna see it too .not a size queen. maybe its like womens breast

    /. more than a wine glass iks supose tobe a waste.

  2. Anyone still have copies and willing to share? [email protected]

  3. hey, I missed the pics. can anyone please, please, please share/send them to me to my gmail account? [email protected]
    I’ve been looking all over the web for this.
    thank you!

  4. can someone share me that picture of nick sandell nude instagram pic. I missed it. please.

  5. Seems, I missed it too.
    Plz do mail me too..
    Why leave me craving. Show me n quench my thirst.

  6. James Lee Greenlee | July 1, 2018 at 10:03 am | Reply

    So, his job is appearing half-chubbed in revealing underwear. The whole point is, “check out my package.” But a couple of nudes come out, and he freaks out and insists they be removed? It’s kind of silly.

  7. Pls share the naked pics… My email and Fb is [email protected], Thanks!

  8. Can I get those pics by email??

  9. Eh honestly he was hotter to me before I saw the nudes. Plus one was a side hard nude that showed it is maybe 5 inches and thin.

    • Five inches? Are you sure? Not that there’s anything bad about that, but guys that size are probably less likely to show it off.

  10. Is there any chance of me still getting his naked picture ?

  11. I also missed it. Any way someone could help me out?

  12. I have the nude photos if anyone wants them. Email me: BrianSmith765 at Yahoo dot com

  13. Beautiful!

  14. Meh, nothing special when I look at him. He’s no hotter than a million other guys on tumblr, and the bulging lower abdomen veins grosses me out. Bulging veins on any guy is a complete turnoff.

  15. He is so hot. Sexy man sexy hands and sexy piece. I got some places he can put it now. Wish he was in Washington DC now so I can take good care of him

  16. He blocks me on Instagram , one day i found this hottie dude on the app and i like many photos of him and comments blablabla…but the curious date is that he sends me a dm on the app but i couldnt read it in the moment , coz’ duh i have a life and a work…whatever when i open the app on my phone , i see that he blocks me …so sad but i found more Hot guys

  17. I’m secretly wishing his lawyers would request they are taken down. That way we KNOW they are real. I think they are real.

  18. Stephen Archibald | January 12, 2018 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    Missed it. Taken down. Anyone feeling generous to pop me a copy?

    Thanks folks!

    Home of the Whopper

  19. He is handsome, plus his physique is awesome. His cock is a sexy average plus.

  20. Nice looking guy, great body and equipment to satisfy. Most importantly is the full body shots with head/face exposed and not one of the typical headless, could be anyone, photos.

  21. Hello-

    a question. why do you think some male celebs ask for their pics or videos to be
    taken down and others don’t or maybe don’t care. what are you thoughts?

  22. I completely agree

  23. elsayed ismail | January 12, 2018 at 1:53 pm | Reply


  24. This made my year!! I’ve followed this guy for years and needless to say I got pics to fap to for the new few months

    • Hi, do you still have his nude photos? Please, please share them with me pls. I’ve been looking for his nudes for quite a while now. Please help me with my thirst for some NlCK SANDELL cock huhu you can email them to me at miggyluzuriaga(at)gmail(dot)com! Thanks!! Will wait huhu

  25. Celebrating the average white guy. And I mean average.

  26. I like what I see. Some of the comments on here really, really do make me laugh. Is his cock big or as Shannnoooon says “monster”? No…maybe it is more average…but I suggest this….It IS big enough to satisfy….on many levels.

  27. The dick is so so

  28. Perfect body and cock 10/10 now we need some wide open booty. Still fantastic though.

  29. There should be more full frontal male artistic nude pics published in fine art books in my opinion. This guy, in particular, should model for male nudity books, like those from tenavenues.com for example.

  30. Hot and knows it

  31. Nice bone and everything.

  32. I hate to say it, but I think they are fakes.

  33. Oh my! He offers up a sumptuous VPL where (barely clothed), then presents the goods! And well done, too!!!

  34. I don’t know he’s a little…too perfect.

  35. Hilarious the trolls on here who think that’s an average penis. I bet most of them wished they looked this good. I know I do.

  36. Oh please! Like I’m supposed to believe that he goes backpacking in his underpants.

  37. Am I missing what is “artful” about these nudes? It’s a naked guy flexing with a boner and flexing without a boner. They look like they could be from any random porn site.

  38. Nice body yummy yummy, dick is fine, not too big but not to small

  39. F-ing finally. I knew they’d hit the net sooner or later. He’s got a cute lil fella between his legs.

  40. I mean, we can see his dick in basically every picture you’ve posted. What’s the big deal if he’s naked now?

  41. nice cut cock

  42. I’m in love with his perfectly average penis. It’s beautiful, but not overly.

  43. Nick is a one handsome, perfect-bodied big dick stud!

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