24 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: MTV reality star Mitch Palmer"

  1. Great eyes and body. But the eyebrow shaping and plucking kind of turns me off. Even more than a shaved bush.

  2. You’re not a thot when your dick is that big.

  3. He is so hot!!! Very handsome guy I wish he was right here with me!!

  4. Cute, but someone spends a lot of…ME….time in the bathroom. I bet he hears a lot of, “Honey, are you ok in there? It has been days.”

  5. Enhh…Hot (goes w/o saying) but a little too coiffed. NO MAN should have those eyelashes

  6. heck with all of that nonsense. My deep throat is all the way down on that hunk of man meat. Not concerned with the lips, eyes or anything other. I’m eating good tonight…


  8. The douche is strong with this one.

  9. I wouldn’t say no.

  10. Lips are fine. Nice full rub down blow job or rim session. And he could kiss all over me with though lips anytime he
    Want. Don’t cheapen him buy mentioning a Kardashian in the same breath. That is disgusting. He is beautiful… Even his eyes.

  11. Lol like the queens here would really turn down a roll in the hay with this guy

  12. Hot, great body handsome, hung, sweet ass, but those lips, really?

  13. It looks like someone glued a strapon to a mannequin.

  14. Where are Wes and CT nudes lol?

  15. in text
    it’s PALMER
    Not Plamer

  16. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | February 12, 2018 at 2:52 pm | Reply

    Power bottom.

  17. Beautiful eyes though. The lips are another story

  18. Those botoxed lips are horrible.

  19. While he’s a good looking guy with an awsome body and tool kit, there is nothing sexy about men doing pouty lips.

  20. An MTV Reality ‘Star’ showing off their nudes pics?!?!? Well this is a first and I am shooketh!

  21. Doesn’t he know that too much eye makeup makes him look cheap?

  22. Hot and knows it no thanks

  23. Holy plastic surgery, Batman! Kardashian lips.

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