!! OMG, he’s naked: Nathaniel Buzolic of ‘The Originals,’ ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ !!

The Originals, Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars actor Nathaniel Buzolic is one of the latest male hunks to have their junk hit the internet lately. It’s sure to cause a lot a buzz! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


[originally via pandlr]

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38 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Nathaniel Buzolic of ‘The Originals,’ ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’"

  1. He is the hottest Croatian ever.

  2. Here you can see a photo where he wears the same necklace and if it doesn’t convince you, you can compare the birth mark too http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xS1ZaAtO_MU/ViWni5twMTI/AAAAAAABFSw/hCZYdAma47s/s1600/Nathaniel%2BBuzolic%2B%252814%2529.jpg

  3. I’ve always wanted to see him naked!

  4. OMFG .. HE played KOL in the originals <33 I always wanted him to fuck me ;p 😉 His size wont hurt me lol And for all the uncut lovers I say u betta suck it bitchezz .. XD
    KOL UR MINE!! xxo

  5. It’ Nathaniel Buzolic for sure. Look at the birth marks, they are the same. There are also plenty of other shirtless photos on his instagram to compare. And the necklace he’s wearing in the first nude is also in plenty of his instagram pics.

    Kind of funny that he sent nudes to someone (allegedly to some young girl) because he is a big Jesus lover, preaching about religion as often as he can.
    But I’m not surprised that he sent nudes to someone as he also has a pattern of dating barely legal girls while he is way over 30. Be it his barely legal girlfriends or flirting with young fan girls that visit conventions he takes part in. He certainly likes the attention.

  6. i didn’t knew there a actor that played in all of three tv show that i don’t watch.

    his dick is just fine.

  7. Oh no! He’s circumcised.
    Just kidding – I like them all;)
    He’s a nice looking guy and his dick is perfectly fine.

  8. Once again the doc cut wrong. Notice the removed frenulum and heavily scared area under his dick head.

  9. His dick is skinny 🙁

  10. Hello-

    to Eko and Tony. i thank you for your info on circumcision
    rates around the world. i was always under the assumption that
    unless a guy was from the U.S. or was Jewish or Muslim the
    chances he’d be cut were close to zippo. granted if i found a guy
    hot enough i’d do him anyway but i have to say i much prefer cut

  11. Just beautiful.

  12. He can get it!

  13. Way below average? Have you ever seen a dick in real life or just in porn? He’s clearly above average, probably 7″ or so. Very handsome guy too and with a great body, though not of my taste because of the lack of body hair.


  15. Why the fuck is every one in the comments always talking about circumcision? Every fucking post that’s all you argue about. You’re the weirdest bunch of obsessed trolls I’ve ever seen

  16. it’s a big but super ugly dick. quality not quantity plz

  17. Nice dick but it would be better with pubes

  18. Wait for the size queens to rant about how small or average he is.

  19. @Joseph There are over 61 different countries around the world where circumcision is the norm, with almost 100% of the male population being circumcised in those locations. So no, just because Nathaniel isn’t ‘American’ it doesn’t mean there is hardly any chance that he’d be circumcised.

    • And Australia has a high circumcision rate to this day. Mainly when it’s done outside of hospitals for the most part and are not recorded in the estimates. Some people are just so sheltered they have no concept of what the world is really like. The pacific coast and the southeastern parts of Australia have the highest rates to this day. The least come from places like Tasmania and the western parts of the continent. But you know, circumcision is apparently only an American thing….the ignorance runs wild around here!

  20. Another day, another gorgeous man-dick combo. He’s handsome and his beautiful sizable meat matches his muscular body perfectly. Delicioussss

  21. Australian rates of circumcision were about 50% back in the 1980s so it’s completely possible.

  22. Fuck yeah!!! What a hottie and what a hot cock to go with it!

  23. Hello-

    except for the pic where he’s in the red shorts how
    do we know its him?

    also Nathaniel B. isn’t American so aren’t the chances
    of him being cut close to zippo?

    • he’s australian – it’s not a guarantee there. i’ve met cut australians. probably a 70/30 uncut/cut split

      • Yes, but his mom and dad are from Croatia. It’s not common there. I’m sure they didn’t do it just because they’re in Australia. Oh well though, if it is him. You don’t see his face in any of the actual dick pictures, and the birth mark isn’t hard to fake.

        Plus when you see the animated comparison he appears a little fatter in the non bathroom mirror picture. And yes, he could of lost more weight blah blah.

        • Who would make the effort and fake the birth mark of a barely known actor just for some nude photos without the face? He also wears the necklace he wears in plenty of his instagram posts, the abs look the same, he has the same kind of bedsheets…

          There’s no mistake that it’s Nate.

    • He’s Australian…many Aussies are cut! Especially from NSW! You people need to go out more. Just because you’re American doesn’t mean you’re circumcised too…see how that works?
      Besides, circumcision is pretty common when there are many problems with the foreskin in countries where it’s not a common practice like in many European countries for instance.

    • Circumcision in australia isn’t as uncommon as it is in europe. Plus look at the first and second picture. The bodies are identical.

    • also the birth marks on his abs are the same

    • In the early 80s, around 40% of Aussies were circumcised. And if he were born Jewish or Muslim, he would’ve been circed too, regardless of birth country.

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