!! OMG, he’s naked: Ricky Martin’s future-husband and current artist Jwan Yosef !!


It doesn’t take a brain-surgeon to see why Ricky Martin might have rushed to put a ring on the finger of artist Jwan Yosef after seeing these Tumblr finds that have been floating around the next for a while now… Check him out after the NSFW jump! SCORE, Ricky!








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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ricky Martin’s future-husband and current artist Jwan Yosef"

  1. surprised he’s uncut – that’s rare for syrians or muslims
    still hot!

  2. Assfreak-Aleks | March 25, 2017 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    Snygg häck:)!!! Y me encantan las pollas pequeñas; vamos a cantar “Chiquitita”, “Waterloo” y “Dancing Queen”:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He’s European. They don’t have nude/sex hang ups. Good for him. Nice looking lad

  4. Why are people so obsessed with being cut or uncut? People have their preferences of course but nobody has turned a guy down they thought was hot just bc they were cut/uncut. Get over it & yourselves. Thanks.

  5. The last few pictures aren’t the same man.
    HIs stomach has a distinctive line down the middle
    Which is missing in the dick shots

    No shade, he’s a handsome man

  6. Small?! WTF?! Are we looking at the same cock? This is HUGE. And great hairy body as well.

  7. Yes Ricky Martin is one lucky guy, but so is Jwan. I’m certain Ricky’s body and cock are just as impressive.

  8. Why the f is there always one guy on here who insists that a naked guy’s dick is small? Even when it’s totally NOT small. And we shouldn’t even care if it’s small or not. Because Ricky is getting that dick and not YOU. And it’s not cool to judge – because gay people, we’ve pretty much been judged enough. So let the self-hate and the catty bullshit go. Please.

  9. That Ikea switch tho.

  10. From female view, that is perfection! Sweet Jesus!

  11. Tasty Ricky is a lucky guy to play with all that!

  12. Delicious. Thank You!!

  13. I’d rather see Rickey’s dickey.

  14. Nice body, small pee pee (from what I hear in the gay world, pee pee size is the most important attribute one brings to the table?) though, but love is not about pee pee size, maybe attraction @ first! Ricky Martin seems like a nice, focused person & I hope he finds some happiness in this crazy world! Do love Ricky Martin’s music & as a performer since his days in Menudo? Peace out!

  15. This guy is gorgeous. Foreskin is def the cherry on top, more sensation more to play more to love

    Happy for Ricky Martin

  16. I’m so glad Rick E.’s happy. He should be doin’ some fancy singin’ in Vegas.

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