23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Survivor’ and Broadway star Reed Kelly"

  1. DAMN I missed the images!

    Great Survivor contestant.

  2. And the dude is newly married too. I guess still on the prowl.

  3. Looking good to me, front and back. LOL

  4. Beautiful thick cut cock! Yum.

  5. Hot looking guy.

  6. I knew there had to be one ASSHOLE that believes his cock is fake! It never fails there is always one stupid person that doesn’t know anatomy!! I guess if it doesn’t look like his, it must be fake!


  8. Boring cut cock.

    • I hope that’s not the only reason you dislike him. If you dislike involuntary circumcision that’s fine and I agree with you but I doubt he had much choice in the matter. Going out of your way to ridicule someone for something with which he had no choice is cruel.

  9. Sweet body, visually appealing meat and potatoes.

    And yah the leg thing is a bit weird. Just tearing down the street in full ostrich strut

  10. Weird bloke in general, but what a beautiful cut cock!

  11. If that’s really him not bad at all and a beautiful butt.

  12. He piece is too perfect! Wow I would love to get that in my mouth!! Just come to DC and I will take care of anyone!!

  13. he is SO hot mmmmmmm

  14. A Nice THICK hand and Mouth full

  15. Things were good, until I got to the picture where his leg is bent back resembling Mr Tumnus. That can’t be unseen.

  16. I can’t deal with feet like that like I don’t even have a foot fetish but it looks like it’s gonna murder me in my sleep no thx. Very nice dick though.

  17. I prefer the other Survivor guy but this one is nice too. Beautiful body and a perfect cock.

  18. Have a feeling they’re faked, much like Tom Holland’s. The fake typeface is the same. Not his.

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