!! OMG, he’s naked: Swedish Pop/R&B singer and former member of the pop group A-Teens, Dhani Lennevald !!

Dhani Lennevald is a Swedish Pop/R&B dancer and singer. He was a former member of the pop group A-Teens!

UPDATE: We have removed the images at Dhani’s request.

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29 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Swedish Pop/R&B singer and former member of the pop group A-Teens, Dhani Lennevald"

  1. Gnarly dick

  2. Walter Phillips | October 4, 2017 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I would love to be holding him .

  3. This is what Aaron Carter could have looked like if things had gone a little bit differently.

  4. What a great looking dude. Nice package too!

  5. Yeah ONE Father Time is quite fond of doing that to all of us isn’t he.

  6. It’s a nice looking dick. But the possibility a penis injury with some agressive fucking seems high.

  7. I would eagerly suck the he’ll outta that cock

  8. I used to have a crush on him when he was on A*Teens, but what happened to his face? He did not age well, hung but that wizard stick with a hoodie…I can smell that lutfisk from here…pass!

  9. hes so hot. i want him badly.

  10. Gotta love the obese, bald, small dicked guys on here judging others as if they could ever land them hahahaha.

  11. Now that is a donkey dick a sister can get paralysed on!
    Plunder my bussy with that Viking cock and send me to Valhalla when you’re done with me.

  12. his nipples are placed oddly, low and too the side.

  13. I think he is lovely

  14. I’d open my mouth and rectum to that

  15. ONE,,,,,,,,,

  16. maybe the ass..?

  17. Holy hell I had a massive crush on him when I was younger now that he is older and so am I. I still think he is hot as fuck and I would so do him. And that’s weird because usually I don’t like Uncut men but he is definitely an exception. 5/5 stars

  18. Nice cock, but he’s got this frozen Zoolander-like facial expression that’s such a turnoff

  19. fuck me

  20. Nahh. There’s been more attractive guys on the site. He’s not bad-looking, but his body and dick… just nahh.

  21. Woah. Didnt expect him to be packing like that. Yum.

  22. Best nudes that have ever been posted on this site.

  23. honestly I’m not really picky but… give me a U give me a G give me an L give me a Y…. what do you get? UGLY….

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