!! OMG, he’s naked: Taylor Swift’s bodyguard in her new ‘Delicate’ video is gay adult film star Kevin Falk !!

Adult film star Kevin Falk has also shown up on the red carpet as Nicki Minaj‘s bodyguard before. — He must actually make a living of it when he’s not getting plowed by the likes of Colby Keller and other staples of the gay adult film world. Is this Taylor‘s attempt at snatching more of the gay world’s pink dollahs!? Check out the K-Fed look-alike after the NSFW jump!


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34 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Taylor Swift’s bodyguard in her new ‘Delicate’ video is gay adult film star Kevin Falk"

  1. Can Robert just shut up ?

  2. Love a handsome man with an intact dick

  3. elsayed ismail | March 14, 2018 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    his butt and asshole are hairy and his penis is nice and long he has a courage to show his butt and dick because he is proud of it

  4. Now that I think about it, a woman would probably feel more comfortable with a gay bodyguard since they’re going to be alone together often.

  5. Poor thing, a cutie subjected to Taylor Swift and her auto-tuned voice.

  6. I would let him do whatever he wants to me. If he is verse, he can give me a good pounding and plunge me deep with cummmmmmmmmmm.

  7. Damn, I wanna get famous so I can hire him.

  8. I’m more interested in Colby than Kevin… Just my opinion.

  9. he’s probably my top former porn star that i’d love to see get back into the business. unfortunately, i think being a bodyguard has been his gig for awhile now. come back, kevin!

  10. Gross! “K-fed look alike”???? NO he’s far from K-Fed! Please don’t say that he looks like K-Fed. 🙁

  11. I wonder if he’s gay and likes to bottom. If he’s uncut that’s hot. I wonder if he is. Damn he’s cute!!!!! I hope these are real.

  12. Smoking hot.

  13. Finally! Not some “Rite of Passage” dick pic!

    And a WONDERFUL selection at that!

  14. Hmmm, wonder if she uses a strap-on on him? Nice body, cock, and ass though.

  15. Damn…. Beautiful and uncut to boot. Could plow me anytime after i had some time a at him. Awesome.

  16. Lucky guy got to be plugged by Colby Keller.

  17. elsayed ismail | March 12, 2018 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    i love these sexy pictures

  18. Nice boner!

  19. Damn, where is the CAT dragging these things in from?

    • right, post some of your pics.

      • My opinion, please respect. Thank you.

        • after you post some pics

        • Robert, don’t expect respect from Robert…
          And what about his pic request ? What’s the point ?

          I guess what kind of “logic” Robert has in his “mind”. But yet, it’d doesn’t make sense. If we follow his “logic” I guess no-one can have an opinion about food until he’s a master chief? No-one can have an opinion about musique until he’s a musician ?

          That’s why I suggested him to do a favor to everybody, him included, by keeping quite…

          • oh Thom-as? I must be getting under your skin today! Oh Lover, you are so funny, you want some logic? Learn some respect. Respect others, and you might not be a lonely internet troll.

          • oh, Thom-ass, others can judge others and not be judged? You must be perfect LOVER.

  20. I’ve spent the morning reviewing Kevin’s curriculum vitae and I definitely agree with Miss Swift’s wise choice.

  21. He looks like he has been thru a lot-i would cuddle him

  22. This guy is super hot. I had the chance to have him on my web show and he is also super nice and a fun person. So attractive on many levels.

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