!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Cody Christian !!

Cody Christian nude video
Not to be outdone by his castmates Tyler Posey (NSFW video link here) or Ryan Kelley (NSFW video link here), Teen Wolf star Cody Christian‘s leaked video is also worth a hearty “Awwwoooooo!”

See the NSFW footage after the jump!

UPDATE: New NSFW GIFs of Cody swinging his thing around have surfaced.


(Thanks, Fernando!)

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53 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Cody Christian"

  1. i would have much rather seen him cum 😉 loVE ya Cody

  2. Has Anyone Figured Out Which Female Friend He Sent The Videos to.

  3. You know, I get the “star chasers” who are just fascinated at the thought that these guys they see on TV actually have a penis. But the fact is they are and should remain known for their faces/bodies, because NONE of them are packing ANYTHING of value below the waist. The Ryan guy seems like the only one who is even “average” in the US…which is a measly 5″.

  4. link please

  5. does anyone know where to get the whole video!!!

  6. Hello-

    i found the video where we supposedly see him pop a load and finger his hole. but how do
    we know its really him?

  7. Cody has some new vids out – including him jerking off and apparently fingering his hole. Any chance you guys have found them?

  8. damn i would suck the living hell out of that

  9. I’d sit on that.

  10. Why? Didnt He Cum!!
    Why? Isnt The Video Longer!

  11. Is this the only video???

  12. Anybody know what underwear he’s wearing

  13. Who else can’t stop watching this becuz I cant!!!


  15. Sofuckinghorny7 | February 10, 2017 at 3:56 pm | Reply

    mike?!?! Nice dick

  16. I love his dick, and this boy is very very very hot Mmmmmmmmm

  17. Once when I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob, he came in my mouth and I thought he was done, so I took it out of my mouth and then realized that he actually wasn’t done and it got in my hair and on my shirt. I was wearing a black shirt too and it stained 😛 he ended up having to help me get cum out of my hair lol and it was very difficult

  18. Very sexy… Handsome guy with a beautiful piece of meat…

  19. Put the lollipop dick in my mouth and wat h me make it melt like hiyaaaaaaa

  20. I’m not complaining I’d still suck it.

  21. “this big dick” HAHAHAHA

  22. It only takes 13cms to stimulate the prostate and take you the paradise. I like his penis, but well, he’s hetero.

  23. He’s says “your going to squirt all over me”. More than likely he’s talking to a guy.

  24. Is he talking to another men ??? He said till you cum twice… X_X He’s gay ? #Gay #DreamComeTrue

  25. It looks like a perfectly normal, average 5-5.5″ inch dick, just like the majority of guys have. If it seems small to anyone, it’s because of internet porn messing with our minds, making us think 7+ inches is average.

  26. His Dick is not small you delusional bitches.

  27. Ironic all these comments about his dick size (given they are most likely the same size or smaller) – talk about size queens. Go take a horse cock instead of bitching about someone else’s cock size.

  28. small and circumcised. meh, I guess that’s the norm in America?

    • You can get stinky uncut dick elsewhere if you prefer? Nobody is stopping you…or scroll away…

      • is that what they tell you in your small town USA to make you feel better about your cut dick, Tony? Never met a stinky one, sorry. WRONG. NEXT!

        • No they just tell us they look good. II’m sure you haven’t heard that before tho if you’re rocking shrimp dick.

          • Heard the whole circumcized vs uncircumcized shit before. Personally I don’t care (like the rest of the Europe) but it’s hilarious how you Americans screech about circumcision and outright lie about uncircumcised cocks. It’s just a foreskin bro.

  29. These penises are rather below average in length and given that both actors are skinny twinks I suspect it they might look thinker than they really are given the skinny legs of both actors. These are rather unfortunate video leaks.

  30. A white boy who thinks his tiny dick is huge. Big fish in a small pond?

  31. Thats crazy, it does have a similar shape to jeff stryker’s, even if its not the same size. Hes got hot feet too btw ;p

  32. He can get it ALL!

  33. All that chat about a ‘big dick’ is reminiscent of a Jeff Stryker flick (but he’s several inches ‘short’ size-wise!).


  35. Wow!! He outdid Posey! Hopefully it’s a war to outdo the other and the rest of the cast joins this war! Beautiful cock!! Wow! Made cum and so did Posey! Let’s get the rest of the cast!

  36. Wow, his dick is literally perfect! Nice thick piece of meat and a visual masterpiece. Super handsome guy with a very sexy body and dick… Some guys really do it have it all!

  37. small 🙁

  38. now we need to see tyler and cody together munchin on each other’s ASSES

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