!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Faking It’ star Gregg Sulkin !!

Gregg Sulkin nude video

Who doesn’t have a video floating around on Tumblr or Twitter this week? Check out Faking It star Gregg Sulkin after the NSFW jump!

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Faking It’ star Gregg Sulkin"


  2. Is Charlie Puth next?

  3. Pretty sure gregg sulkin is uncircumcised as are almost all men in england. Anyways Bella throne said it isnt him.

    • Check again. Jews are cut. Bella Thorne is a lying whore who dated Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey at the same time right after breaking up with Gregg and dating her brothers ex girlfriend. She’ll say anything to be involved. He has those white sheets in selfies and his dick print in photos matched the head of the erect pic

    • I believe he is Jewish.

    • Gregg is Jewish and circumcision is not as uncommon in the uk or other parts of Western Europe as many Americans think…kinda like uncut is not as uncommon in the USA.

      • It is extremely uncommmon among actual native europeans. The majority of Europeans in all countries of Europe besides perhaps Bosnia are uncut. Only a few men are cut due to complications that were corrected in surgery. However cutting is very uncommon among the natives. You look at any pornsite of European men (Belamionline for east europeans) Englishlds, Fityoungmen or uknakedmen for Brits and nearly all of them are uncut.

  4. nice. now let’s start seeing some nude men of color…

  5. This is hard to tell if it’s him or not since he doesnt have tattoos like tyler posey. Bella thorne did go online and say that this wasn’t gregg’s dick, something she didnt do when Tyler’s leaked so thinking this one might not actually be gregg.

    • I think Bella Thorne is just glomming onto this story to try to get publicity for herself. I haven’t seen someone so desperate since the days of Heidi Montage.

  6. This week just gets better and better

  7. how do we know its him, theres no face shot?

  8. Yasssss Gregg yassssss

  9. um, I’m pretty sure Sulkin has never been on Teen Wolf, even as a guest star.

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