!! OMG, he’s naked: TikToker @climv.fit aka Fashion model Christopher Lima !!

TikTok-er @climv.fit Christopher Lima is a successful trainer account who also happens to have worked successfully as a fashion model. He’s been making photographers quiver in his gonch (or without) for quite some time.

Check out some of his greatest moments after the NSFW jump!


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23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: TikToker @climv.fit aka Fashion model Christopher Lima"

  1. If he’s Waaaaaaay too hairy for anybody’s taste, why not just go straight? He’s a MANNNNN, all MAN and a gorgeous one at that! Thank you

  2. Loving that hairy pussy

  3. Beautiful guy, glorious butt

  4. Magnificent, simply magnificent!

  5. What’s going on in the last photo? Are we looking at the side of his left ball?

  6. Now that’s a truly gorgeous man!

  7. Tout ça pour ça !…

  8. Are there pictures where we can see him smile?

  9. Very nice!

  10. That fuzzy butt is the stuff of dreams.

  11. Oh fuck. That hairy ass is perfect!

  12. That. Ass. Is. Perfect.

  13. boring!

  14. What a beautiful man.

  15. damn so we cant actually see anything? from the bulge looks like he might have a nice head tho.

  16. Zzzzzzzzz… | July 27, 2022 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    Holy shit! Hairy ass version, please. The one of him just outside the outdoor shower, in particular, is doing all kinds of things to my private parts.

  17. Holy…moly

    Good god this man is perfect

  18. He’s a keeper!

  19. Hello-

    by no means unattractive but wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to hairy for my tastes.

  20. OMG those fuzzy buns!

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