19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Trystan Gravelle in ‘The Aliens’ On E4"

  1. Beautiful just beautiful!

  2. haha…myth of the big negro penis…fact is, nigs walk around with semi-boners all day because they can’t keep their monkey paws off their junk…what does cock matter when you fuck anything with a hole? And still live in mud huts. hahahaha

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  5. FAKE AS HELL…….

  6. OMG! Run for your lives, before they give all of us alien colon babies!

  7. Victor Galeano! You naughty boy!

  8. Fake or real, doesn’t matter to me, he’s naked and on film!

  9. Prosthetic

  10. Omg! He has 3 legs!!

  11. That made me like so hot in my virgin pants!!

  12. Is that why he’s an Alien?

  13. the biggest guys i’ve been with were white.

  14. In the first couple episodes they mention that aliens are supposed to be much better endowed than humans. It’s definitely a prosthetic.

  15. It’s a prosthetic, in the series the aliens supposedly have huge cocks.

  16. A prosthetic. According to the pilot, the aliens are all hung like horses. A rather funny joke between two of the leads.

  17. white boy wears a prosthetic to hide his tiny pecker?

  18. um, holy fuck! that’s crazy big. sign me up!

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