!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Fashion model Charles Laurent Marchand !!

Fashion model Charles Laurent Marchand made quite the splash earlier this month when he went from modelling clothes to modelling his birthday suit online. Charles posted the Christmas pic of him in his underwear, but Tumblr held an even greater gift! Check it out after the NSFW jump!


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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Fashion model Charles Laurent Marchand"

  1. he goes from uncut to cut… i believe some are his… but not all especially the cut one

    • All of the pictures show an uncut dick. Are you uncut? If so, you’d know that the foreskin can be retracted, giving the appearance that the dick is cut.

  2. Yes anytime!

  3. beautiful dick!

  4. It’s not the same cock in this pictures… and it isn’t him in the picture where he shows part of the face. Different shape of the chin and ears…

  5. With a crank that big he should be showing it off!

  6. Wow..some guys just have everything don’t they.

  7. spectacular!

  8. The legs in those faceless photos, are not the same legs that are shown in the photos with his face.


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