!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Tom Daley has a dick slip while diving !!

UnTUCKED! Tom Daley took home the gold medal at the recent Commonwealth Games in Australia, but but a gift to fans was the REAL gold prize when his member escaped his speedo!

Check it out after the NSFW jump!

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26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Tom Daley has a dick slip while diving"

  1. I have a mexican friend in his forties. He is a big guy. When flaccid, his penis is very small and slender, but when he starts to get erect, it becomes so thick and his uncut head gland becomes so thick. Yes it gets longer. The foreskin goes back. Even small, flaccid penises can grow into The Incredible Hulk.
    It all has to do with blood flow entering your penis and your health, but we all have different packages.

  2. Is he uncut?

  3. Awesome penis!

  4. Hello-

    while we’re on the subject of the ever sexy Tom D. with all the “private videos”
    of hot young male celebs that have leaked in the past 14 months I am highly
    surprised the “explicit 7min. video” Daley sent someone hasn’t leaked. I’m
    guessing Daley’s lawyers found out who he sent it to and paid a truckload of
    $$$ to get it back.

  5. elsayed ismail | April 16, 2018 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    small penis

  6. hey at least we know this ones real, and if you blow up the pic, you can see it pretty well

  7. Oooh, an inflatable pool toy! Can I blow it up?

  8. How am I supposed to masturbate to that!? Why can’t he just have a full nude leaked already..

  9. Oh wow a video of this would be hot to see

  10. I would love seeing his butthole.

  11. Is being as cool as Tom Daley even legal?

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