17 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: World Cup rugby player Leandro Leivas"

  1. I missed it! The pics have been removed. 🙁

  2. maybe you’d have preferred a muslim moon? they loooove gays apparently, even more than christians.

  3. That’s a cute fun-sized white cock.

  4. Can everyone tell me wehere do there post these pictures at because Instagram doesn’t allow that

  5. Rugby players are sexy af and he is no exception. Delicious cock! Would love to see him with pubes tho.

  6. He can get it

  7. He is hot! And that cute wink in the one pic. Very sweet.

  8. that is 1 ugly ass dick! Yuck! 🙁


  10. Quinton e Jackson | August 17, 2016 at 1:01 am | Reply

    Turn around.

  11. Do you have a large box with air holes I can put him in? Throw in a bag of whatever rugby players eat. I will go pull the car around.

  12. That’s a nice suckable cock!

  13. Just wait for tony the turd to trash talk foreskin and shallow Shannon to complain about dick size

  14. Hot, naked and wearing a cross necklace- nice to know that the alleged ‘jesus’ must love and support him in his all his glory.

  15. he looks happy…

  16. I was digging it despite the shaving…then I saw the cross. Some of us gays are like vampires, jeebus sticks are repulsive on sight.


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