!! OMG, he’s naked: WWE Wrestler Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne !!

Get ready to get BLODYSLAMMED by WWE Wrestler Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne after the NSFW jump! He’s got us on the ropes!

UPDATE: We have removed the images at Matt’s request.

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20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: WWE Wrestler Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne"

  1. Dang, I missed it!
    I’ve had the biggest thing for Matt/Evan for the longest time.
    For those that saw the pictures, how many were there?
    There was a leaked picture from last year from Snapchat and it blurred out his junk and it said something about having an Afternoon Hardon. The unblurred image was just leaked like a month ago and I was so happy!
    If I could see these new pics I would be eternally happy ha ha

  2. Too bad because he has a fantastic body and a big beautiful cock

  3. I’ll never understand why omgblog leaves the post up after takin the picture down.

  4. Another Celebrity douchebag thinking they can erase the damage after they put their pics out their. The pics can still be found with a Yahoo search.

  5. Anybody have those pics? I didn’t get to see them. PLEASE?

  6. where can i find those pictures? where do this people post them at?

  7. What a beautiful man with an equally beautiful cock!

  8. I’d let him cum all over me! In my mouth and up da butt! Milk moustache

  9. Nice low hangers!

  10. I’ve always had a crush on him. Even more so now!

  11. Well, how do we know if that’s actually him… when you see his face (blurry) or body shot there’s no”D”. Or when you see a ‘DP’ You don’t see his face?? Why is his afternoon shot scribbled?? Just saying!!! Some of us just can’t be fooled… nice body though?????

  12. Handsome, strong and hung! 11/10

  13. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | November 1, 2017 at 4:10 pm | Reply


  14. Benjamin Robson | November 1, 2017 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    Is dan on the wrong blog lol I only come here for the naked pics

    • Dan shows up to post comments like that and, “All this nudity in films, television and everywhere else has become too excessive and is getting very boring.” on another post. He’s a bore who apparently comes here just to tell us how he doesn’t like nudity. Reminds me of one of those overly proud “I don’t even own a TV” douches; the sort of people who are the reason the “Stop Liking What I Don’t Like!” meme bloomed.

  15. He’s hot but I wish these idiots would stop posting their intimates all over the place and just remain private.

  16. Omg, he’s beautiful.

  17. Very “Chris Hemmsworthy” body!

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