!! OMG, he’s STILL naked: Chris Pine continues to bare on Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’ !!

Chris Pine continues to bare in Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’ after the NSFW jump with some never before seen tuckus and bush shots! Check him out (and don’t miss our first post)

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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s STILL naked: Chris Pine continues to bare on Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’"

  1. My hole is all his to use and abused. Come to Wash DC and take me you hunk!!! This chocolate Azz needs you.

  2. Bruce Alexander | November 14, 2018 at 10:18 pm | Reply

    I LOVE looking at famous men naked. Chris is such a hunk with a beautiful ass.

  3. If he was F***king a guy, it would only show them partially covered and post coitus!
    If you really want to see two hunks go at it watch the Aussie movie “The Dream Children” nude, with hot graphic sex with two good looking hunks (do mean hunks)!That movie should be the hall mark of gay sex in movies in the future–no dark bedrooms;obstructions set in ‘critical’ places no wearing of whites when having sex, etc.,etc![It galls me that hetro. sex scenes are graphic as hell and there are no protests , but with two men, the haters are out in force protesting it! Again, go watch ‘The Dream Children’ and you will be amazed!

  4. Would love to bury my mouth on his butt!

  5. Thank you, Chris! I’ve waited some years for this moment!

  6. I think he loves showing off, good for him, I’ve always thought he was a hunk and sexy, I’d say his bush is trimmed, it looks flat, and not all over the place, nice

  7. Don’t mark it naked if there’s no peen…

  8. Love the bush. I hope he keeps it.

  9. Nice butt Chris

  10. No dick this time? I’m gonna pass on this episode.

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