!! OMG, his butt: Burak Deniz in the series ‘Shahmaran’ !!

Fans online often say Turkish actor Burak Deniz reminds them of Zayn Malik – but we don’t see it. Nevertheless, he’s a stud of his own caliber. Check him out showing off that Turkish delight in the series ‘Shahmaran’ after the NSFW jump!


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7 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Burak Deniz in the series ‘Shahmaran’"

  1. What episode is this?

  2. The American actors need to show off what’s between their cheeks like this guy did! We all need very detailed images to help us imagine hot scenes with them!

  3. I wish the pictures weren’t so grainy…..but YASSSSSS how I can appreciate a nice butt

    • Assuming that OMG Blog lightened them up so that we could see them (which would cause graininess), but YASSSSSS, that’s a beautiful butt!

  4. Gorgeous hole !

  5. Great buns! But no balls??

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