!! OMG, his butt: John Krasinski in series ‘Jack Ryan’ !!

You know John Krasinski from The Office and A Quiet Place – but if you’re not watching him in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – then you’re missing out on some bare tuckus! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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29 Comments on "OMG, his butt: John Krasinski in series ‘Jack Ryan’"

  1. So… I have only seen him in A Quiet Place I, and he was never on my radar—that is… until now because DAYUM! He’s a total gorgeous piece of ass (pun intended)!

  2. Great ass and body

  3. Nice butt.

  4. Bruce Alexander | September 4, 2018 at 10:23 am | Reply

    When I saw the preview for the show, all I could concentrate on was his ears…..they stick out like crazy. Now I will be looking at that delicious looking ass. YUMMMM.

  5. Super cute

  6. Jeez…..Emily Blunt is one lucky b*tch……that is a fine ass….you could bounce a penny of of it

  7. Turn around baby!

  8. I’ve wanted him since he was on The Office! Nice butt

  9. FOR REAL GUYS????

  10. Does he say “fuck” in this? I know it’s stupid, but that word really gets me going when certain guys say it. I have never heard him or Henry Cavil say it. But I would shoot a load if either did.

  11. I have had a thing for him ever since The Office thank you! Nice butt!

  12. Thank you lord! Been crushing on him since The Office. Will be watching this show tonight.

  13. Spectacular man butt. Yep….the rest of him is mighty fine too.

  14. That’s my Jim Halpert!

  15. I wanna lick him all over! He’s so gorgeous and I bet he has an equally beautiful cock!!

  16. Hello-

    Emily Blunt is one very lucky woman. plus John K. is sooooooooooooo
    much sexier clean shaven.

  17. oh fuck

  18. Damn, beautiful, gorgeous, butt! Irresistible!

  19. A beautiful Crackinski! I need to schedule a play-date with that.

  20. I would literally wash him with my tongue

  21. Aww, even his butt is adorable.

  22. Okay… he’s hot.

  23. Emily Blunt is one lucky woman. I had no intentions of watching this series… until now!!

  24. I’m trying real hard to take this guy see as an action star but I can’t help but think of his super annoying Office character.

  25. A furry chest and a butt to die for. I’m in.

  26. OMG! Applause!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!

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