!! OMG, Britney Spears interviews Tate McRae for Gen V Magazine !!

You gotta give it to whoever’s editing over at Gen V Magazine for thinking of this idea: Britney Spears interviews newcomer pop singer Tate McRae.

Check out a few of Brit’s questions and another image from the shoot styled by Nicola Formichetti after the jump!


BRITNEY SPEARS: You’re an incredible performer. I’ve seen some of your performances and each one continues to top the next. Where do you find inspiration?

TATE MCRAE: Wow! Thank you so much. That means so much coming from you. I find that a lot of the inspiration comes from the musical arrangement. One of my favorite parts of the process is playing around and finding new variations of each song—I feel like that always inspires new choreography and a different feeling. However, looking back at iconic performances (like yours) is also very motivating.

BS: Your song, “you broke me first,” is one of my favorite songs. What is the story behind the song and what inspired you to write and record it?

TM: That means the world to me. I actually wrote “you broke me first” when I was 16 and had never experienced real heartbreak before— only on a small scale. It stemmed from a couple of different places, like taking inspiration from friendships or situation-ships, and they all left me with the same feeling—dealing with someone wanting your relationship back, after giving them your all and them not recognizing it. It’s a sad but empowering feeling afterward.

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