!! OMG, his butt: Nico Tortorella shows off their Thanksgiving turkey !!

Oh my GIZZARD! We wouldn’t mind gobble-gobbling or stuffing Nico Tortorella‘s turkey, which they showed off on Thanksgiving this year. Find it after the NSFW jump! Also, if you haven’t checked out Nico’s debut poetry collection, it makes a great holiday gift.


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27 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Nico Tortorella shows off their Thanksgiving turkey"

  1. I find this person so fucking attractive. My god

  2. They did a poor job photoshopping out his balls


  4. I listened to his podcasts and he is a true queer, a lover, a passionate, sweet person. His bootie is just the icing on a VERY nice cake. Y’all try to find the podcast where he interviews Sheila Nevins. It’s so rich, cool, modern and groovy- and you’ll LOVE her too.

  5. head down ass up let Mama go to town!

  6. You people treat them like a piece of meat. Also, Nico is non-binary so they don’t use the he/him pronouns. Respect their pronouns if you are going to complain about not seeing genitals.

  7. nice photo but i’ve seen more of him on younger, just show the front already we already got a peek of it

  8. elsayed ismail | November 29, 2018 at 9:52 am | Reply

    his butt is beautifull and nice

  9. Needs stuffing!

  10. Seen it. We ALL have.

  11. He is the douchiest douche who ever douched.

  12. He’s basic

  13. Dude,I’d be more than happy to blow him

  14. Richard Vestal | November 28, 2018 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    Good pics, great ass.

  15. I’d do him

  16. he just has that raw sexuality and beastly hotness that just makes you wanna desperately lick him up and down and all around and then again… about hundred times….

  17. Really nice ass-would love to spoon him

  18. That ass is beautiful. A little grab when making out or just hugging/snuggling in bed. Yeah. That’s beautiful!

  19. He is so funny and adorable and scorchingly hot. I love that at least sometimes he sleeps with dudes. He’s the prefect man.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. He basically said he’d let a guy blow him and that’s it. He’s the type of guy who wants to brand himself as bi because he thinks it makes him more interesting but isn’t actually about that life.

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