!! OMG, his butt: Olympic skate Adam Rippon bares his award-winning buns !!

It’s tradition for the hot athletes of the year to lose their Olympic uniforms to show us the muscle they’re made from which helps them reach medal goals every year! Figure skater Adam Rippon is this year’s Olympic darling, and you can check out his beautiful backside after the NSFW jump!


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40 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Olympic skate Adam Rippon bares his award-winning buns"

  1. I wa nt Adam’s big cock

  2. Richard Vestal | June 29, 2018 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    First of all I refused to look at this article because I’m thinking Adam is getting too much exposure which is turning me off and I like the enough. Well I took a glance knowing all I would get was his back side, thought I take a peek a call it and day. Things change and I have to say Adam has a beautiful bum,the body too. Worth looking, thanks.

  3. Josh Greenberg | June 29, 2018 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    You can see why Gus Kenworthy tapped that ass.

  4. Holy Christ there’s a bunch of under achieving bitter losers here. Keyboard warriors for life……

  5. Wow! I’d spread this fluffy cheeks and eat his hole in a heart beat.

  6. He could crack walnuts with that ass.

  7. Im limp.

  8. He’s not a nice ass, I’d eat it.

  9. I bet he’s pretty limber…

  10. hot

  11. Gorgeous!

  12. Beaut legs and buns though too girly for me.

  13. He works it for me.

  14. That’s an accomplishment. I guess…

  15. Too bad he’s a little cunt who had to make a political grandstand about herself versus just going and respecting the country. He does have a nice ass but that’s it. The rest of him sucks.

    • This country isn’t doing anything worthy of being respected right now, jackass.

      • Then get the fuck out or shoot yourself in the fucking head if you don’t like it. Okay?

        • wow such a patriot, and how democratic, if you dont like whats going on with the country, kill yourself or get out? And I thought this country was suppose to be built on freedom 😉

      • 100% this country isnt doing anything worthy of being respectful at all. and I applaud the gay olympians for not letting a homophobic administration sweep it under the rug.

  16. sweet ass, and sweet guy!

  17. Gordon Harris | June 26, 2018 at 4:53 pm | Reply

    He has an excellent body, plus he is a Proud and out man.

  18. Obviously talented but, unfortunately, not as hot as he thinks he is. Still a great gay role model, though.

  19. I’m in love with him

  20. Not my type. But these pictures are not the good ones. Freaking amazing athletic body.

  21. Hello-

    certainly a tasty butt but i can see it at my neighborhood newsstand. this site
    should concentrate on pics we ain’t never gonna see at our neighborhood newsstands.

  22. I prefer Olympians who actually win gold instead of whine like a lil bitch. He has a nice body, unfortunately that’s not enough to override his annoying voice and piss poor attitude. #NotMyOlympian #NotMyGLBTRoleModel

    • Trepakprince | June 27, 2018 at 9:43 am | Reply

      Jesus Christ what have you ever accomplished in your life? Michelle Kwan never won gold and she’s still my favorite.

    • Well geeze Jim, you must gave a room full of gold medals, I mean they must be easy to get right!?!?. I’d say you’re the whiny little bitch with the piss poor attitude…..

  23. He has a nice body but something about him isnt very attractive. He’s kind of obnoxious.

  24. Ugh!…this bitch again?!!

  25. Not my type but he’s got a killer bod and he’s done us proud giving Trump/Pence hell

  26. He does nothing for me

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