!! OMG, how salty: Hockey players necking on the ice !!

Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand got very intimate with Toronto Maple Leafs center Leo Komarov in an incident where Marchand claims Komarov was shadowing him too closely. His solution? Sensuously lick Komarov’s neck.

We wonder if this is some sexy new coaching strategy at work. Rest assured we will be watching hockey much more closely from now on and will report back. (Thanks to Mary for the tip!)

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6 Comments on "OMG, how salty: Hockey players necking on the ice"

  1. The way these ugly commentators look they should be happy anyone wants to lick or kiss them

  2. The black one protests too much! Queen please!

  3. Incredible this blog thinks this is somehow a ‘fun’ story. It’s sexual harassment at least, and disgusting regardless of the commentator’s opinion.

  4. The two sports reporters would be lucky to have anyone lick them. I am sure it took some peanut butter to get the dog to do it.

  5. What is most grotesque is the sports reporter loudly proclaiming his disgust and subtlety declaring his heterosexual sexual preference. He needs to have a guy lick him.

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