!! OMG, Instagram is censoring their #freetheeggplant hashtag over male dick pics !!


It seems Instagram is taking all the fun away from the perverts of the webisphere! How are we meant to search for dong on the ‘gram without a little aubergine!?

Many emoji, like words, have come to carry multiple meanings that might not immediately be obvious. A cup of tea, for example, isn’t always just a cup a tea–it can also refer to (spilling) tea or to the popular internet meme featuring Kermit the Frog sipping Lipton. The purple eggplant, commonly used to make jokes about sex, has become synonymous with penises. Fans of the eggplant suspect that Instagram’s removed it from the list of searchable emoji in an attempt to keep adult content off of the platform, or to at least make it more difficult to search for.

NO! Doth protest not enough! Get that shit back asap!


[via towleroad]

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