!! OMG, it’s Monday! …And Howie Mandel is posting his friend’s prolapsed anus to TikTok !!

Some things never change! If there’s something we can always be sure to count on, it’s Howie Mandel sharing his buddy’s inner-parts on the outside by posting uncensored images of his prolapsed butthole to TikTok! Howie wants to know if it’s COVID-related. Check out the bizzare clip above (censored version – I dun needa see that!). Also… is he wearing an Ellen Show t-shirt while doing all of this? Love.

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8 Comments on "OMG, it’s Monday! …And Howie Mandel is posting his friend’s prolapsed anus to TikTok"

  1. HA HA HA Makes you look at your friend in a different way when something like this happens to you.

  2. Howie is annoying. Wish he’d go away!

  3. Howie should know that his friend Neil is into being fisted.

  4. I wonder why my family has to make a point about talking about bowel movements and medical procedures as if it was NORMAL F-ING CONVERSATION.

    As a society, we just share way DAMN too much. I’m not a doctor, I did not play one on TV and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Keep you cysts to yourself.


  6. That’s not his buddy. That’s an image that’s been online for 15+ years.

  7. It’s a curious thing for sure ,Howie is a germaphobe yet he’s into his friend’s anus?

  8. Has Howie been fisting his friend?

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