!! OMG, Kathy Griffin has a message for Caitlyn Jenner !!

Kathy isn’t having any of Caitlyn‘s better-late-than-never tweets about her disappointment in the Cheeto man she voted for, and supported publicly, while using her platform during the election. Check out Griffin’s response to Jenner after the jump! Thoughts!?

Sick of her bullshit.

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4 Comments on "OMG, Kathy Griffin has a message for Caitlyn Jenner"

  1. chris, go fuk yourself, kathy rocks – you suk

  2. Sorry Kathy, as much as I love you! Caitlyn has spoken about And against Trump for a while now. Especially since you were black balled by Trump and other Conservatives! And now what is sad. This is an attempt just to get positive press on top of your return of touring in the United States.

  3. Preach

  4. Team Kathy. rip her a new one!

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