!! OMG, Kathy Griffin has ‘run out of f*cks to give,’ blows the lid off and spills the Tea on Hollywood execs !!

Escalando! Andy Cohen and other Bravo execs are in the crosshairs of Kathy Griffin after a whirlwind year where she was cast out of Hollywood for doing a shoot with Tyler Shields where she held a severed head of Trump in a photoshoot. She’s been harassed by Trump supporters, as have her elderly mother, and sister who was dying of cancer (Kathy cut her hair short as an act of support) – and now she’s posted a video where she says she needs to call out the Hollywood people who have done her wrong! Check it out above!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Kathy Griffin has ‘run out of f*cks to give,’ blows the lid off and spills the Tea on Hollywood execs"

  1. Kathy Griffin showed a moment of weakness in donald trump’s attack on her. I am glad she has gotten herself together and now she can fight back that bully, donald trump. I wish her all the best. Love and hugs to Kathy Griffin from CK, Toronto, Canada.

  2. Good for Kathy… but I think she just ended her career all by herself… as of now, these are just allegations. What happened to innocent until proven guilty… if in fact a court of his peers convict him, them, or all of those bad boys and yes, some girls, I hope they rot………Kathy, I think your hilarious and have followed your career for years, even went to live shows. But, I think you dealt the cards yourself and you lost…quit bashing and blaming everyone but yourself (Hillary) go and enjoy your money.

  3. You go, girl! I’m so proud of you for standing up to these assholes! You should be on television every night. Oh–and I LOVE your books! Please write more. Just keep doing what you do, and know that a lot of us really do adore you.

  4. In life you get what you give and after all these years you are getting what you have given. Sit back and you will learn from this……

  5. Hollywood is imploding and I love it.

  6. She cut off her hair in support of her sister who subsequently died of cancer. You probably ran it at the time.

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