!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Lily Allen’s got a ‘Trigger Bang’ !!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Lily Allen! Check out the British pop tart above with Trigger Bang!

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4 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Lily Allen’s got a ‘Trigger Bang’"

  1. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | December 12, 2017 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    I didn’t expect to like it but Giggs part is nice, lyrically I can relate and Lily sounds less shrill than she did on her last record. Maybe leave off the MIA-lite ‘bang bang’ sound effects though.

  2. The British ‘Pop Tart’! Really with this misogynistic bullshit? Calling her a tart, what is this 18th Century London?
    I’m no fan of Lily Allen but would you call Nick Jonas, Bieber, Ed Sheeran a ‘tart’ or any other male singer that? No you wouldn’t but I wonder how many times you’ve called a female singer a ‘tart’ and don’t try and claim it’s a language thing or that cultural reference means something different.

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