!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Belgian-Japanese duo Aili cover Fergie’s ‘GLAMOROUS’ !!


Fresh from releasing their acclaimed debut EP Belgian-Japanese duo Aili returns with a cover of Fergie’s 2006 pop hit ‘Glamorous’. Transforming the original’s sleek R&B into neon-lit future pop, Aili’s interpretation comes complete with body-popping electro rhythms, acidic bleeps and the lyrics, sung in Japanese, all delivered in their distinctive style.

“This song got us through puberty,” explains Maruyama, “and whilst we were recording the new EP and needed a break we decided to play around with it as a kind of challenge and loved how it sounded. We translated the lyrics into Japanese as that felt more personal, et voilà! We hope that one day we can invite Fergie on stage to perform it with us!”

Check it out after the jump!

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