!! OMG, which super famous male musician’s jock strap is on sale for $37k!? !!

The King’s bedazzled jockstrap could be yours! That is, if you’re willing to pay the hefty $37.5K price tag…

The intimate undergarment, which features Elvis’ initials and rhinestones galore, was handcrafted by a fan and reportedly worn regularly by the star.

Prior to his untimely death in 1977, Elvis subsequently gave it to his cousin Billy Smith’s son.

Some time after, the piece became part of the Elvis Presley memorabilia collection belonging to singer Jimmy Velvet, who was a close friend of Presley.

It last popped up for sale in 2020 by Paul Fraser Collectibles.

I bet it stinks to high heavens by now!

“[It’s] Extravagant. Absurd. Sexually potent. This rhinestone-studded jockstrap is pure Elvis Presley,” said Daniel Wade, a representative of Paul Fraser, at the time. “I’m sure the new owner won’t be able to resist wearing it out on a Saturday night — the Elvis magic will work wonders, I’m certain.”

Would you drop big coin for The King’s underthings, OMG!?

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8 Comments on "OMG, which super famous male musician’s jock strap is on sale for $37k!?"

  1. Guaranteed to put some Swivel in your Hips — and Cure Erectile dysfunction! Putting this Jock ‘up for grabs’ is as sacrilegious as allowing KK to shoehorn her BigBooty into Marilyn’s iconic dress.
    Doubt this was really Elvis’ NutSack –MJ’s more plausible since he had the Glove to match!
    Agree w/ 1st comment; much rath-er been given a Big ol’ Cadillac

  2. I would prefer to be gifted a car but thanks, Uncle Elvis

  3. Elvis gave this to his cousins son???

  4. “Elvis subsequently gave it to his cousin Billy Smith’s son.“ Uh… wut

  5. GROSS

  6. Most likely a jock sniffing masturbator will buy this supposed Elvis memorabilia

  7. Why would you give someone’s son, your used jock strap. Lol

  8. That jockstrap wouldn’t even fit around his leg!

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