!! OMG, man makes Eminem smile in photos and the internet can’t get enough !!

Photoshop wizard Mike Brown, whose Facebook intro is “make someone smile every day,” did just that with a collection of Eminem in various ‘before and after’ pics. The original photos portray the man as we know him best: smoldering, serious, straight-faced. The after are him letting the sunshine in! Check them all out after the jump!


[via boredpanda]

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15 Comments on "OMG, man makes Eminem smile in photos and the internet can’t get enough"

  1. A straight bigot who calls gay men f****ts should not be celebrated on this site.

  2. I always wondered if he had teeth.

  3. I also say I would like to see your your manhood all of it! LOL

  4. I got to say I like Eminem but I got say this with love your creepy as hell when you smile!At less in some pics! Lol

  5. Some are really creepy. Reminds me of Photoshop of teeth on a beagle…

  6. THE GUY IS +++++++DISGUSTING+++++LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO MORE..

  7. Worst photoshop job evah!

  8. This is basically just FaceApp in a nutshell.

  9. He’s always creeped me out. He looks like he has permanent BO and I still don’t think he’s got talent. Anyone can talk to a beat. Really great rap was first written by Rossini (The Barber of Seville) 200 years ago. It was developed by Gilbert and Sullivan as the Patter Song and used brilliantly in My Fair Lady and The Music Man. The shit that’s spouted out of this guy’s mouth is offensive. Singing about killing your mother? Why would anyone think that’s acceptable?

    • Oedipus killed his father.

    • From the Bible to Beowolf, nothing new under the sun there when it comes to familicide, in literature, music and other forms of both fact and fiction. Nothing wrong with disliking his “art” but he has done nothing that hasn’t been done before.

  10. I don’t care much money he’s got, smile or no smile he’s still ugly as shit.

  11. because his not enemy of LGBT community his actually supportive

  12. I’m confused on why a lgbt oriented blog would post and share a story about an enemy of the lgbt community ?

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