!! OMG, Mark Wahlberg reveals most incredible beach body ever in Barbados !!

Say hello to ya mutha for me! == and your DADDY! Mark Wahlberg flooded basements this week in Barbados when he stepped out with a noticeably more ripped physique. Check out the full gallery after the jump!


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8 Comments on "OMG, Mark Wahlberg reveals most incredible beach body ever in Barbados"

  1. No matter what, someone this egotistical, racist, homophobic, and arrogantly ignorant will never be attractive.

  2. Greay body..but I hate men who are pretty much hairless and have like 4 nipple hairs. Shave that shit off please.

  3. Dad bod but idk. I’d rather have Ryan Phillippe in my bed plus his ass was sculpted by the gods.

  4. Buttah face.

  5. This guy has nothing but disdain for the gay community. It’s one thing for me to hear how “hot” he is from mainstream media but now I see him here? Let’s show some self respect by not ogling a man who is a proven violent racist.

  6. He is a hot dude for sure but I’d still pick Ryan Phillippe for dream daddy with perfect body!!

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