!! OMG, meet the gal who aspires to be the fattest woman in the world !!

We all have goals! And this is what gives this couple pleasure! Check out their interview with some skeptical morning show hosts above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, meet the gal who aspires to be the fattest woman in the world"

  1. No, I do not care to meet this person.

    IMHO, this is someone who’s only motive is to become a TLC reality TV celebrity, right up there with “My Secret Obsession” and “Hoarders”.

    We need to stop empowering this kind of… Carney mentality of “Look at me! I am a grotesque slob! Watch my every move as I get paid to talk about ME and you can watch me FEED!”

    Save it for the National Inquirer where it belongs.

  2. Oh, my, oh, my! Where do we start here? I am going to skim pass the “stain” on her fashionable top, and get straight to it. Here are my favorite moments;
    1. “We will just hire a nanny.” – Mind you, he is wearing a Megadeath wife beater and she is sitting her two tons on a rolled up couch slip that probably wouldn’t pass a forensic examination. I could be wrong, but I would have to say their “nanny budget” is trumped by her food bill alone.
    2. She references plenty of men lined up …for all THAT. – I just booked a ticket off this planet. I hear Pluto is nice this time of year.
    3. Best interview questions EVER! “When is the next feed” and “When is the new funnel” – I literally fell off my chair and lost all motor functions from laughing so hard.

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