!! OMG, Mike Pence reacts to remarks from Pete Buttigieg about his anti-LGBTQ views: ‘He knows better’ !!

CNBC’s Joe Kernen discusses Vice President Mike Pence‘s back-and-forth with Pete Buttigieg, the out-and-proud mayor of South Bend, Indiana who is trying to make his mark in the crowded field of Democratic primary contenders. Pence stands firm on his anti-gay views.

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11 Comments on "OMG, Mike Pence reacts to remarks from Pete Buttigieg about his anti-LGBTQ views: ‘He knows better’"

  1. A big city mayor, Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar playing the victim. An all American white boy leading a life of privilege but still feels discriminated against. Poor Petey. He can’t function unless the Vice President is made to heel. Our battle used to be for tolerance and equality. Now it’s about beating everyone into submission. The Vice President should tell this spoiled prick to shove it.

  2. what has Pence done to the gay community ? Tell me, just because he’s a republican your against him, What has he done that’s so horrible against us ? Nothing so stop the hate. Oh and I’m not a republican.

    • I figured this would bring the bots and trolls out. No you are a bot!!!

    • No dude, seriously. Do some homework before you go around saying it’s just because he’s republican. His record is vile. In particular check out the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was a typical move of those of his ilk to allow people to discriminate against gays with the pretext of religious freedom. He’s also expressed support for conversion therapy (including with taxpayer funding), voted against EDNA and Opposed the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, he cosponsored the anti-marriage amendment to the US Constitution…want me to go on? But that’s, thanks for your holier than thou pontification on how it’s just because he’s a republican

  3. Mayor Pete has performed a great public service. He‘s shown that a gay man can be as shallow and self-serving a politician as any straight man!

  4. 2020 rally chant: ‘Piss on Pence…Pete for President’!

  5. i wouldn’t piss on this stupid fake christian if he were on fire in front of me…

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