!! OMG, new revealing photoshoot surfaces with Pietro Boselli in white, wet and VERY see-through speedo !!

Our prayers have been answered! model and math wiz Pietro Boselli slipped into a very WET and see-through white speedo for a recent shoot for Flaunt. This is the model like you’ve never seen him before! The underwear shoot leaves little to the imagination! Check it out after the jump!


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24 Comments on "OMG, new revealing photoshoot surfaces with Pietro Boselli in white, wet and VERY see-through speedo"

  1. That is not a Speedo. You would not see through a real Speedo.
    It’s a pair of bikini briefs.

  2. I would love for him to load me up.

  3. Why don’t he just take it off already. He needs to show the cock!

  4. I mean…this is the hottest man that has EVER been hottest or a man. RIDICULOUS.

    SIGH…now I’m off to put my head in the oven

  5. I hate it when guys hide their dicks in pictures – it’s as if they’re embarrassed by them (when they shouldn’t be). Dicks are awesome. Also, not only should Pietro have gone full frontal, he should have done it in full colour. Black and white images suck.


  7. He’s handsome but it’s a very unrealistic body image. His abs look kind of deformed.

  8. Either Pietro is Jewish, or he‘s happy to meet us!

  9. Barron Wheeler | March 30, 2018 at 9:29 pm | Reply

    Ur response !!!
    Do u use papertowels or just lick it
    clean ???

  10. Now this guy is hotter than the last naked guy pictured. Woof!

  11. Don’t worry about him making money….he gets top pay, is always in demand, and keeps in front of the public. He knows very well what the public wants, and this is one way he can keep the public intrested. I’m ALWAYS interested. I’ll take him any which way.

  12. Richard Vestal | March 30, 2018 at 7:08 pm | Reply

    I like… Thank the gods for this hot specimen.

  13. He may be trying to make some bucks desperately because he is not producing enough money, especially if he is not working as a teacher anymore.

    Do not think this is him out of personal interest flaunting his genitals for pure fun.

  14. Nice, you could at least credit Flaunt Magazine, where the photos came from.

  15. I don’t know why he’s so afraid to whip it out. We’ve pretty much seen it by now.

  16. I UTube-stalk this guy, watching him work out, do photo shoots and tell me daily affirmations from those gorgeous lips. After that, it gets MESSY. Afterwards, we are talking screen cleaners, mops and a shower.

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