!! OMG, Cheetah crawls inside safari vehicle during routine drive in what is VERY close call !!

Hey kitty gurl! Ever been so close to a Cheetah that you could feel its breath on the back of your neck? No? Well neither had this guy! But he stayed still so the Cheetah wouldn’t feel threatened. Much like we do when we’re not interested in a creeper at a nightclub! Check out the chilling video above!

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4 Comments on "OMG, Cheetah crawls inside safari vehicle during routine drive in what is VERY close call"

  1. Cheetahs are also know to ignore prey if it does not run.

  2. One of my favorite animals, period!

    Back in Ye Olden Days, people actually trained Cheetah’s to hunt alongside them, to the point that there are paintings and accounts from far ago times of cheetah’s riding on specialized saddles behind their human hunting companions. They are essentially a pack animal, so a hunter/companion relationship is pretty natural to them, much like with dogs. While they are still VERY MUCH a wild animal and capable of doing serious damage to a person, for the most part, cheetah’s are pretty chill with people, and are one of the only big cats that can purr, but not roar.

    A human who comes across a cheetah in the wild just needs to remember, like this guy did, how to handle a wild, predatory animal: remain respectful, alert, non-threatening, and ready to retreat. As humans aren’t on their normal food list, as long as the cheetah is reasonably well fed, they mostly just want to know what we’re up to, what we’re doing, and what we are. The guy was smart, though, letting the pretty kitty explore til it got tired and wandered off, and I am so goddamned jealous of his experience it physically hurts.

  3. Well…I can add this to my VERY long list of things that will NEVER happen to me.

  4. I was rooting for the cheetah the whole time. Cheetah puss isn’t in a hurry, got all the time in the world. Sit his ass down on the hood and couldn’t give two f*cks!!

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