!! OMG, this party flyer sadly sums up today’s mainstream gay scene !!

We’re laughing through our tears! A sad reality of most gay party flyers – with the exception of a unique few! Thoughts!? (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

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17 Comments on "OMG, this party flyer sadly sums up today’s mainstream gay scene"

  1. great spoof that has led many to believe it’s real. and sad to see that things in the gay world haven’t changed since the 90’s when it comes to needed ‘straight’ to be included in a description.

  2. Lol. A pathetic attempt to convince themselves they are real men when in fact they are insecure self-loathing bottom feeding faggots. And I WILL use that word because as an open Gay man who has been out since 1974, I’ve earned the right when it applies.

    • Are you saying all gay men like the stereotypical stuff, and those that dont are faking it? Thats what you are implying, and if it is i would think you would know better by now. If you don’t know better you have obviously got issues about this yourself.

    • All gay men are “real men”

  3. Sad reading this. Homophobia in the gay community. No real surprise.

    Recently read a pistung for dancers for Frank Marino Divas show in Las Vegas.

    Said they wanted “masculine” male dancers.

    My homophobic alert went off.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

    I remember when gay men embraced their masculine and feminine energy.

    Straight acting gay men to me is a sad oxymoron.

    Reeking of self loathing.

    • Except that the majority arent acting. Besiding in this case ‘acting’ doesn’t mean faking, it means having the behaviors of, the actions of.
      A lot of gay men just do, and like, normal man things, they just go home to a husband instead of a wife.
      Being gay doesnt mean anything other than you are attracted to the same sex, nothing else is implied. It doesnt mean you have to like the scene, like reality TV, divas, pop music or anything else.

      Please explain why not liking the sterotypicial ‘gay’ stuff means you are self hating. Surely to be self hating you have to be the thing you hate, right? These men are not.

      • You don’t have to be a stereotype to be gay, nor do straight men have to be stereotypes of being a straight man. Both gay and straight men may be naturally masculine. Individuals in both groups may be more feminine. There may be pressure on gay men to act masculine as to appear stereotypically straight. However, to say one is “acting” straight or otherwise, that person is obviously not being genuine if they are saying they are acting.

        One question hasn’t been asked enough: are gay men pressured to self-segregate from mainstream masculinity and adopt gay stereotypes? And is that because they feel they will never be accepted in a traditionally masculine group, and also be proudly gay? You will never be a tough, football player if you are gay, so you may as well become a drag queen? We shouldn’t limit ourselves as gay men and accept oppression, or segregation. That includes if we are into masculine things and are masculine.

  4. A. This is not a real flyer.
    B. Those that are pro this are disgusting. Self-hatred is real. You can run to every “straight-acting” person or party. You are still gay and there is not a thing in the world wrong with that.

    • Being a homo doesnt mean you have to like feminine men, drag queens, divas or anything at all. Being homosexual means being sexually attracted to other men, NOTHING else.
      Seems to me its those that endlessly complain about masculinity are the ones who are self hating.

  5. Sounds great to me, nothing toxic about it. Its femininity in the gay community that’s toxic.

  6. I wonder how many people will think this is real?

  7. Phil you’re a piece of shit. And the root of the problems in the gay community

  8. Eh. Why can’t masculine gay men have safe spaces, too?!??

  9. Curious. Not what I’ve experienced at all.

  10. Sign me up! If I wanted a pussy, I’d have stayed in the closet.

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