!! OMG, please DO stop the music: Rihanna takes a stand against Trump using her song at his rallies !!

Don’t fuck with Queen Rih! The singer isn’t having any of the fact that the racist Cheetos man is using her song “Don’t Stop the Music” at his rallies to hype up his crowd of hateful yolkels. She took to Twitter to demand he stop using the song, and you can find her tweet after the jump!

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4 Comments on "OMG, please DO stop the music: Rihanna takes a stand against Trump using her song at his rallies"

  1. Is there another tweet? Because in that one, there is NOTHING about demanding he stop using the song.

  2. Is this tirade by OMG more of the end to divisiveness I keep hearing about?

  3. If only she had that power. Unfortunately for RiRi she does not own this (or the majority of her song’s) publishing rights nor does she have any writing credits for this particular song. Shes just a paid singer…period. So unless the actual writers/publishers for PDSTM joins in her efforts, her anti-Trump tirade will go nowhere. Ask Paul McCartney how it felt to pay Michael Jackson every time Paul played a song he himself wrote, all because of writing and publishing right ownership was with Michael. Google it, it’s an interesting story. My bet is that the REAL owners of her long forgotten song will cash that check no matter who is issuing it. And that’s BIG IF that Trump’s people are the ones buying the rights. It very well could be the venue that Trump hired to host the event who bought the rights to play songs for their paid events. And above all that… fact #1: people don’t show up to these rallies for Rihanna’s or anyone else’s music sweetie. Fact #2: Trump will still be the POTUS for 6 more years, so deal with it. #trulyARiRi #sillydems

    • That might work if she wasn’t still a hit producing artist, but she is, and record companies, writers and producers, do honor requests of artists, if they want to work with again and make money from them.

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