!! OMG, poor Bo Bice! The former American Idol contestant was called ‘white boy’ at a Popeye’s Chicken !!

What’s it like to be an oppressed straight white male where people in the world point out that you are of caucasian descent? Just ask former American Idol contestant Bo Bice, who took to social media and FOX News because he wants Popeye’s Chicken to dry his tears with an apology after an employee referred to him as the ‘white boy’ to another employee. Check out his plea above! Do you agree that referring to Bo Bice as white was insensitive of Popeye’s?

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10 Comments on "OMG, poor Bo Bice! The former American Idol contestant was called ‘white boy’ at a Popeye’s Chicken"

  1. I still don’t think it was made directly at him. I think if anything he could be hurt by being called a “boy” instead of that white man over there. If it was busy and someone says “hey who order is this” she could have said, “oh, that white boy over there” and then gave him his food. He probably hurt because no one recognized him. Let him tell it to trump, he will tell I’m to get over it.

  2. OMFG what a whinny bitch! Every African American knows what it’s like to be referred as “the Black guy (or girl)”. when that’s reversed, it’s immediately a national tragedy. More likely he’s following in the footsteps of forgotten entertainers like Scott Baio, Dennis Miller and Antonio Banderas, trying to grab attention one last time by becoming darlings of the right wing. Bice describes himself as ‘not a Republican, not a Democrat’. That’s about as convincing as entertainers who when they are asked about their sexuality say “I don’t like labels”.

  3. He does have a point. Instead, the employee should have referred to him as “that whiney lil soft attention-starved bitch.”

  4. So when/where does it ever end?

  5. Oh poor him called a white boy….oh the humanity. Apparently he’s desperately seeking attention. Try being referred to as a n*gga and/or fa**ot.

  6. To refer to anyone like that is rude. He may sound like he’s whining, but he has a point. You can’t have it both ways, stop using colour in any form when talking about someone.

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