!! OMG, quote of the day: Andy Cohen keeps getting kicked off Grindr !!

“There is a gay dating app that I’m on [cough…Grindr…cough] that I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating ‘Andy Cohen’, and they’re like, ‘Your photos don’t meet our guidelines and I keep trying to [say] ‘No! It is me.’”

Andy Cohen on his failed attempts to just get some!

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14 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Andy Cohen keeps getting kicked off Grindr"

  1. KAN…………..

  2. Why does he need grindr – he just takes home the bartenders he has on his show..I want to attend one of his shows to do the plead the fifth on him “rounding up to the nearest 10s, how many bartenders on your show have you had sex with..”

  3. I just saw what a brilliant imaginative daring Gay man can do on television with Ryan Murphy’s promo for “Pose”. Then there is the loud obnoxious talentless Andy Cohen and his stupid Housewives. I am so grateful to Mr. Murphy for raising the bar Cohen lowered. Thank you Ryan.

  4. He is a nasty old chicken hawk

  5. Lucifer Arnold | April 13, 2018 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    Does he pay ?

  6. He looks great, but he’s waaaaay to old for Grindr!

    • ….waaaay too old…

      • I’m 23 and I’d do him in a heartbeat. Glad to see a few slightly older men on there… the sexiest kind! When he’s hitting his 60s/70s, then I’ll probably consider him too old. Couldn’t date him though, his personality is a bit of a turn off for me…

  7. And countless gay men are saved from another lousy f*ck from a coke whore.

  8. I wouldn’t want to get with Andy. I find his gossip-mongering annoying and the way his “television” has dumbed down our country and glorified rich, vapid people reprehensible.

  9. The app is Chappy, not Grindr.

  10. I am glad to see at least ONE social media app has some standards.

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