!! OMG, quote of the day: Director Oliver Stone tells Putin that Russia’s anti-gay law is “sensible” !!

Oliver Stone recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, which criminalizes presenting homosexuality or transness as normal:

“It seems like maybe that’s a sensible law. As you know, I’ve been very rebel all my life. Still am. And I have to tell you, I’m shocked by some of the behaviors and the thinking of the new generation. It takes so much for granted. And so much of the argument, so much of the thinking, so much of the newspaper, television commentaries about gender, people identify themselves, and social media, this and that, I’m male, I’m female, I’m transgender, I’m cisgender. It goes on forever, and there is a big fight about who is who. It seems like we miss the bigger point.”

Putin simply responded:

“They live too well. They have nothing to think about.”

Riiiiight. Read the full transcript of the interview here and Oliver Stone’s response.

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13 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Director Oliver Stone tells Putin that Russia’s anti-gay law is “sensible”"

  1. Rad and Thierry, you guys are absolutely right, especially in light of our current „situation.”

  2. Russia without Putin | July 29, 2019 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    There’s no other country in the world where gays are slaughtered in masses like in Putin’s Russia. Even Iran and African’s countries don’t murder so many LGBT-people.
    There’s only one wish for that fckface Oliver Stone to be stoned to death, so for a moment he could feel what he’s promoting.
    I wonder why US media don’t speak about this moral jackal and fascist Oliver Stone.

  3. Where’s the link to the interview? I’d like to read the full thing, not just two snippets, to get the full context.

    • We’ve updated the post to include a link to the Kremlin-provided interview transcript along with Stone’s response on his Facebook page.

  4. Stone made a four hour film / documentary about Putin. I imagine everything was taken care of – script, set, everything. Al Stone had to do was walk in the door. Easy money.

  5. he’s the type that allowed the 3rd reich to come to power by turning a blind eye.

  6. These two idiot lunks can take turns kissing my big gay ass.

  7. Putin is torturing, incarcerating & slaughtering LGBTQ Russians in Chechnya! THIS hate monger has the freaking audicity to say “Way to Go!” I will never pay a penny to see or view for free ANY Of his shit movies again in my life! #BOYCOTTOLIVERSTONE!

  8. Whenever I hear wealthy and powerful men talk about how others “live too well” it’s a reminder of how topsy-turvy everything has become in the modern world.

  9. Gee, no wonder Madonna and him didn’t get along. I remember when Oliver was in talks to direct Evita. Madonna called hm out and he trashed her publicly. He’s a P.O.S.

  10. Okay, Oliver – and just how many gays work on different aspects of your films?

  11. Well at least we know how this LGBT-phobe thinks and feels. Now who is ready to boycott any movie he makes so he can lose his career

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