!! OMG, quote of the day: Evan Rachel Wood tweets scathing ‘CATS’ review, then deletes it !!

“#Cats is actually worse than I thought it would be, And I already thought it would be horrible. But….I am actually speechless. Why would you change the choreography? I…am SPEECHLESS. It’s not the cast’s fault. Its…maybe the worst thing I have ever seen. Ever,”

Someone replied and said “I felt like I was on acid watching it. So utterly bizarre.” Wood responded:

“Totally! Like my life is not in danger, but I feel like I’m going to die.”

Evan Rachel Wood, in a now deleted, series of tweets regarding her take on CATS.

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2 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Evan Rachel Wood tweets scathing ‘CATS’ review, then deletes it"

  1. Michael Anthony | December 26, 2019 at 6:15 pm | Reply

    At least they tried! Broadway musicals are VERY hard to translate to the screen. From A Chorus Line to Jersey Boys, huge hits on Broadway, bombed on the screen. Cats itself is not an easy musical to watch, its pretty dull in parts. It was always considered a risk to film, otherwise it would have been made years ago.
    Considering that Wood has only appeared in perfect works, she’s utterly qualified to rip the director as she did.

  2. Ladd L Wikstrom | December 26, 2019 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    I believe Evan Rachel Wood. I knew they could not reproduce the theater sensory feelings through a silver screen. I and my husband saw the musical Cats both on Broadway at the Winter Garden in 1995 and also in my hometown, Seattle at the Paramount during one of its many tours. When I first heard about the Cats musical movie, I just groaned. It can’t be done. The dancing is a ballet that one can only experience during a live performance.

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