!! OMG, quote of the day: Kit Harington calls out Marvel for lack of gay actors !!

“There’s a big problem with masculinity and homosexuality that they can’t somehow go hand in hand,” Harington said. “That we can’t have someone in a Marvel movie who’s gay in real life and plays some superhero. I mean, when is that going to happen?”

Jon Snow on the lack of Mary’s in MARVEL movies.

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18 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Kit Harington calls out Marvel for lack of gay actors"

  1. I agree with KitHarington. It is time to allow gay actors in mainstream movies and even to play a gay role. It bothers me when they get straight actors to play gay. There are so many gay actors out there that are qualified to work in mainstream films. It’s time to bust open this Hollywood door. Ian McKellen has said a gay actor have never won an Academy Award. Perhaps the time is now.

  2. Really who gives a damn? Gay or a straight, a man’s a man and a the better one suited for the role should be hired just like in any other profession. It’s entirely at the discretion of the producer, not the social justice brigade.

    • I am so tired of gays like this ^ who think burying their heads up straight people’s asses will win them respect. It won’t. You’ll be their punchline and their laughingstock. Stop making it worse for us and stand for something.

  3. I guess Ian McKellen as Magneto don’t count?

    • That’s exactly what I thought. He was Magneto in the Xmen original trilogy and even stayed on the with original cast during Days of Future Past even years later. Kit might have been have been misquoted or summarized The Avenger movies and the movies based off the individual members as Marvel incorrectly, so can’t blame him too much without asking for a follow up on what he meant.

  4. I absolutely love men and celebrities who are champions for LGBT equality. That being said, why is this situation even an issue? Equal opportunity is one thing, affirmative action and having an LGBT quota is stupid.

    • Okay, I looked a little deeper and this OMG clip leaves so much out. Harrington is starring in a movie about a closeted actor and he was saying there’s not a lot of chances for gay actors to play leading roles, then gives an example as Marvel heroes. The full article on Instinct gives so much more info behind the quote.

    • Bullshit. As long as there is serious discrimination against gay actors there should be affirmative action to cast them fairly. If by some miracle some day both gay and straight actors are on equal footing there would be no need but that day is not today.

      • Bullshit back atcha. An office environment is fine because customers of a typical business generally are not going to have insight into employees’ personal lives, and if fellow employees do not like it, they can leave.
        For movies and TV, the viewing public is the customer and if they do not like a gay man playing a straight lead role, then they will not attend and the movie or TV show will most likely fail.
        It’s not remotely fair, but it’s reality.

      • Actually, the DC TV shows aren’t having too much trouble with gay characters/actors, but studios spend too much money on big budget movies to expect them to take that chance, especially when there are plenty of straight to non-out actors who can play a role as well if not better.

  5. Michael Benavidez | September 11, 2018 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    Matt Bomer could play the older Iceman or Northstar or DC’s Midnighter.

    • Matt Bomber was actually on the close list to be Superman, but lost it because he is openly gay.

      And way to miss the point entirely… We shouldn’t slate gay characters to be played by gay actors just like the opposite is true. That’s the point that he was trying to make, that we should see more gay actors play straight characters – not just gay characters.

      Like how Ezra Miller plays the Flash.

  6. All the muscular superhero/leading man types are closeted. You’re not gonna be getting cast for romantic leads in movies primarily targeted at women if those same women can’t picture themselves getting with you because they know you’re banging men behind the scenes. It’s a shame people are that superficial but I totally believe that they are.

    • Exactly. Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris both owned their respective TV roles before they officially came out. Now they shine as an example of how gay actors can play straight roles, but how many out gay men have been cast in a leading straight role, ever? It is a shame, but reality.

      • @ger Really? Okay

        Luke Mitchel, Jim Parsons, Ezra Miller, Wentworth Miller, Luke Evans, Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver the list goes on.

  7. Let’s be real, Matt Bomer is about the only well-known gay actor that would be a good fit for a Marvel movie. Maybe there’s some unknown gay actors that would be great too, but it’s not like you can expect them to be cast just for the sake of hiring a gay actor.

    • Luke Macfarlane who plays D’avin Jaqobis on SyFy’s Killjoys could easily play a Marvel superhero, as would Robert Gant, who stays in shape and is younger than Robert Downey Jr. Other Marvel superhero choices are Cheyenne Jackson, who has acted in American Horror Story, 30 Rock, and Glee; Chris Salvatore; Scott Evans, Chris Evans younger brother; Wentworth Miller; Tuc Watkins and Luke Evans to name a few. Besides, who says it has to be a well-known actor? Better to have a good actor that inhabits the character than one who’s famous but mediocre.

  8. I feel like it’s about Matt Boomer who was the first choice for Superman

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