!! OMG, RIP Kim McGuire aka Cry-Baby’s HATCHET-FACE !!


Another gay icon has left us! Kim McGuire, the distinct actress that played HATCHET-FACE in John WatersCry-Baby alongside Johnny Depp, has passed away!

McGuire apparently found Waters and nabbed her role by responding to a personal ad in the newspaper only saying: “Wanted: Girl with a good body and an alarming face who is proud of it”.

John Waters once stated: “that face that she wears in the movie is certainly make-up; Kim has a very blank face in real life”. McGuire herself once quipped “When people see me after seeing that, they think I look really good.”

RIP, Kim! Thanks for making us laugh and for giving folks around the world the confidence to own their shit whether it’s hatchet, ratchet, both, or somewhere in between!

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1 Comment on "OMG, RIP Kim McGuire aka Cry-Baby’s HATCHET-FACE"

  1. There really is no beauty in the world today. She was one of the funniest of the Dreamlanders.

    RIP, sweet Hatchetface.

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