!! OMG, SCHNAPP OUTTAV IT! Chaz Bono makes his debut acting on ‘American Horror Story,’ — Cher tweets support !!

You think your mom makes a big deal when you do something? Try having Cher as your mum! The pop star took to Twitter to tweet how over-the-moon she was about her son Chaz making his debut on AHS‘ new season. Check out the new preview for the season (and Sarah Paulson’s WIGGGG!) below!

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8 Comments on "OMG, SCHNAPP OUTTAV IT! Chaz Bono makes his debut acting on ‘American Horror Story,’ — Cher tweets support"

  1. Nancy, people like you are part of the problem, not the solution. Get a life or go fuck yourself.

  2. lol paranoid? calm down? how about you guys step up to my level? white people always say reductive things like this to people of colour, and trans people whom are trying to share their voice, & experiences. I’m a long time reader, and marginalized person, my voice fucking counts – you’re just hearing from me NOW because I am being generous enough to call out Ignor for what I’ve been reading, and seeing for a long time.

  3. Looks like we have a Racist Negative NANCY among us! Hahahaha! 😉

  4. jesus christ, nancy. calm down.


  6. awaiting moderation so igor can delete comments that call him out, especially about this topic, not allowing a chance for education, dialogue, or accountability. i know several influential trans writers who have had the same experience with this blog, but considering the majority of your readership it’s not surprising.

    • Hi Nancy, sometimes it takes us a few hours to go through all the comments. No need to be paranoid about censorship. We appreciate you.

  7. its obvious how half assed your posts are when it’s not about cis white cock. i’m pretty sure you meant “son”, which you wouldve caught if you weren’t just commodifying trans people in your “media coverage”. like is it just me, or are your posts getting drunker and drunker, revealing a lot about who you primarily cater to, and how superficial your actual coverage is of anything that isn’t geared towards cis white men. check your spelling, and what the fuck is up with those tags, what are you even trying to say ? OMG blog is still very 2003. Igor, go fuck yourself.

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